I’ll always be proud to have my name associated with a program that’s helping folks get the health care they need.  nytimes.com/2023/01/11/us/…

If you need to get covered, head over to Healthcare.gov. Open enrollment ends this Sunday, January 15.

@BarackObama Come back President Obama come back.

@BarackObama I will be thrown off medicaid in April. The $23,000 I made in 2022 disqualifies me. Should I enroll before Jan 15 or will a chance be presented once I am without coverage?

@BarackObama They can get it but can’t afford using it. Nice work Barry

@BarackObama Some states have their own marketplaces for ACA. They are listed in the link below. healthcare.gov/marketplace-in…

@Alt_Rogue_ @BarackObama I came to that understanding, it differs by state, but do you have the same tax benefits?

@palmhers @BarackObama Were you paying attention when this got passed? It barely passed. 219 votes in the house 60 in the Senate. As imperfect as it is, the ACA was the best they could squeeze through Congress..

@karrotkakes14 @BarackObama I currently sell health insurance. If you’d like I can see if I can help you get a $0 deductible, $0 copay, ppo plan, that’s a lot more affordable. My number is 9417447361.