This week, Illinois joined states across the country in passing a historic gun violence prevention package. This would not have been possible without the work of grassroots organizers, survivors and their families, and lawmakers who channeled their anguish into bold action.

@BarackObama My county sheriff says the law is unconstitutional and he’s not going to enforce it!

@BarackObama We're a gun owning, hunting family in a red county in Illinois. 110% support this legislation. Well done, @GovPritzker!

@BarackObama Biden took home and kept in his garage classified documents from your admin. What’s your response B.O.?

@BarackObama You were a constitutional law professor, you have no shame.

@BarackObama How about the hundreds killed from your drone violence? You're a murderer and a fraud.

@BarackObama Good fool, take rights from the people, but don't try that here.

@BarackObama Words words words. How will this bill stop gangs and other criminals from having guns?