@Twitter @vikaara_jeevi how does one see impressions and I'd like to know how to subscribe. I'm not a big user and don't have many followers but I'll help make Musk's twitter viable! I'm having fun on here now!

@Twitter @vikaara_jeevi @Twitter = Domestic Terrorists that Violate the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens who call out the illegal actions of others. I called out 2 idiots breaking the law, stated that a trained fighter would wreck them, and that they needed to be trained for discipline. BANNED

@Twitter @vikaara_jeevi In "More Tweets" section only accounts promoting govt are being displayed while accounts representing opposition are absent. Many people keep blocking those accounts suggested under "More Tweets" to stop seeing them again and again. Plz look at this @elonmusk @TwitterSupport

@Twitter @vikaara_jeevi very true “more people we can name” is very good.