🎉2022 Weverse Con [New Era] 공연 개최 안내 팬과 아티스트가 함께하는 #위버스 의 새해 카운트다운 공연에 팬 여러분을 초대합니다. ‘2022 Weverse Con [New Era]’에서 우리가 꿈꿔 온 새로운 시대를 만나보세요. 자세한 내용은👉weverseshop.onelink.me/BZSY/713c9353 #2022WeverseCon #New_Era

🎉2022 Weverse Con [New Era] is here! We invite YOU to do the New Year Countdown with your favorite artists on #Weverse! Meet the new era you've dreamt of at 2022 Weverse Con [New Era]! 👉weverseshop.onelink.me/BZSY/713c9353 #2022WeverseCon #New_Era

🎉2022 Weverse Con [New Era] 公演開催のご案内 ファンとアーティストが一緒に楽しむ #Weverse 年越しカウントダウン・コンサートに、ファンの皆さんをご招待! 「2022 Weverse Con [New Era]」で私たちが夢見る新しい時代をお楽しみください! 👉weverseshop.onelink.me/BZSY/713c9353 #2022WeverseCon #New_Era

@weverseofficial @BTSMom11 So empty without BTS but i hope everyone can enjoy the day well

@weverseofficial It's so weird to see Justin there. But everyone who is going to watch it enjoy

@weverseofficial SEVENTEEN WILL MEET CARATS OFFLINE FOR FIRST TIME IN WHILE 🤩😭😭😭😭😭!!! IM SO EXITED but there is no Jun and Minhao((( so miss them so much

@iamOt7 @weverseofficial @BTSMom11 We have to respect that they are on leave for the holidays to spend time with family....Tannies worked hard and deserved a break

@VRMYJ0613 @weverseofficial Why? Hybe USA acquired Ithaca...so technically he is part of Hybe fam like a distant relative😂

@svtcaratft @weverseofficial 😭😭😭 omg I am so happy for SVT and rest of Hybe fam! I hope they get to interact with their juniors Fromi, TxT and Enha

@peachybangtan7_ @weverseofficial Prob later on😂 may habe spoiled it sksksk this event is basically like NYEL so Hybe fam concert and since Hybe USA acquired Ithaca...JB is technically part of Hybe--> their distant cousin or smth😂😂