@Snarklefuss First, the US invaded Iraq based on lies and a desire for oil and geostrategic power - not "defense" of any sort. Secondly, watch this to see why Russia in Ukraine is VERY different: youtu.be/JrMiSQAGOS4

20 years later, the Iraq War remains the biggest foreign policy disaster of our generation, one that took thousands of American lives and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives. Have we fully learned the lessons from this failed war of aggression, or are we doomed to repeat it? 🧵

@IlhanMN Um, you're literally supporting the US proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. You have learned NOTHING

@tekstone @IlhanMN The war in Ukraine is not the same thing as Iraq. We invaded Iraq for no reason. We are helping Ukraine drive out Russia. It is the only justifiable war we have engaged in since WW2.

@tekstone @IlhanMN Conflating is easy, but never accurate. War is indeed terrible, but the two wars you mention are very very different in cause and origin.

@Crabtre36414530 @IlhanMN Man, you really understand the situation there! You must have studied for years to figure out your deep "understanding" of what is happening in Ukraine rn. youtu.be/JrMiSQAGOS4