Last night in Vegas Marcus Mumford showed up and surprised the crowd with ‘Cowboy Like Me’ so like 🤩🤯😝! Thank you to @marcusmumford and that glorious crowd. See you next weekend in Texas!

@taylorswift13 @marcusmumford I get to see you on the same day I graduate with my masters degree!! I just finished my cap today ❤️

@taylorswift13 @marcusmumford Well we're NEVER recovering from this! It was magical. Thank you my queen 😭

@taylorswift13 @marcusmumford cowboy like me was my #1 pick for secret song 😭 now i’ll need ivy to be saved for los angeles night 1 pls bestie 😭 i’ll venmo 25$

@taylorswift13 @marcusmumford Literally no one cares, Tyler. This type of shameless self promotion is a great example of why, as a youth football coaching legend, I’ve kicked players off my team and called them useless failures for listening to your music. Grow up and delete this