Vegas, you were WILD. The crowd of childhood dreams ✨ What’s there to do but play again tonight? Here’s a few pics by Ethan Miller/@GettyImages and a video my dad took!…

@taylorswift13 @GettyImages Can you please give me a pair of tickets to one of the boston shows ???

@taylorswift13 @GettyImages this is a sign u should add our song to the set list

@taylorswift13 @GettyImages mother we need the international dates!!!🥲

@taylorswift13 @GettyImages August can’t come soon enough… I can’t wait to see you in LA! 🥹

@taylorswift13 @GettyImages Great job @taylorswift13 . Someday we are going to watch you perform. 👍

@taylorswift13 @GettyImages Died when you sang Our Song 🫶🏾 soooooo blessed last night. Thank you Taylor ❤️❤️