OBSESSED with @DermotKennedy’s cover of ‘anti-hero’ 💖 @taylorswift13 listen now on @BBCSounds 🎧 bbc.in/3OeI4j2

@taylorswift13 pls help us with the ticket situation 😂🙏🏼

@taylorswift13 @BBCR1 @DermotKennedy @BBCSounds hi doctor taylor swift we are all collectively scared for our lives

@taylorswift13 @BBCR1 @DermotKennedy @BBCSounds Now WHEN is the official collab for my two favorite song writers? WHEN?! 👀

@taylorswift13 @BBCR1 @DermotKennedy @BBCSounds We would absolutely love if you solved our Ticketmaster queue issues rn queen 🥲

@taylorswift13 @BBCR1 @DermotKennedy @BBCSounds congratulations for the nomination for song of the year with all too well 10min version !!! so proud of you blondie 🤍

@taylorswift13 @BBCR1 @DermotKennedy @BBCSounds But this collaboration is a literal dream for me. Come on Taylor and Dermot, make some dreams come true and jointly flex those pens 🖊 😍

@taylorswift13 @BBCR1 @DermotKennedy @BBCSounds Why everyone are telling Taylor to talk to @Ticketmaster? It’s not her fault that the site is having a lot of trouble because a lot people are trying to get tickets.