Lunch N Breakfast Music Video Coming Soon! 🤍💸🤍💫 @ASCAP + @SoundCloud + @Spotify #ShotBy: @NocapVisualz 🏁🏴‍☠️… Cc: @YouTube 🥋

The anti hero (Roosevelt remix) makes me feel hyped enough for an imaginary funeral brawl. It’s available on my site now!

@taylorswift13 @iamroosevelt__ Feeling like a sexier baby today, thanks to this remix!

@taylorswift13 @iamroosevelt__ Honestly the funeral brawl looks so fun. Let’s do this on tour

@taylorswift13 @iamroosevelt__ Let’s recreate this on tour. We just have a room to break things (with safety goggles on of course) a la funeral brawl

@taylorswift13 @iamroosevelt__ 👁️ love how you’re just standing there lol 😂

@taylorswift13 @iamroosevelt__ Will this version be up on iTunes and Apple Music as well ?

@taylorswift13 @tswifterastour @iamroosevelt__ I’ve spent way too much time trying to figure out the name of the new cats