You wouldn’t be the first renegade to need somebody 🌹 Collage by Graham Tolbert Photo by James Reynolds

@taylorswift13 @BRMadjv @boniver Hearing your voice always gives me so much comfort and warmth. I’m so proud of you and love you so so much. Renegade is incredible 🫂🥺💛

@SelsGraceful @taylorswift13 @BRMadjv @boniver i did this. best you can do is make it a pfp or maybe a header, idk 🤷

@speaknowsoph @taylorswift13 @BRMadjv @boniver Hearing her voice reminds me that she when she travels by jet plane, the jet plane consumes 350 gallons of fuel per hour. How could someone burning your planet be a friend, do u not want to have kids?…