You guys went and did the nicest thing this week and broke the record for biggest vinyl sales week.. like ever? NOW WE DAHNCE. The willow (90’s trend remix) is a thank you from me, available today only on my site 🥰

@taylorswift13 Just look at this beauty 🥰😍 she’s home and REALLY In her element here #evermorealbumVinyl 🥰 I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH !!🥺

@alxaugusthead13 Love the decor, love the support, love the smile 😃 thank you so much !!!!

@taylorswift13 @alxaugusthead13 Hi Taylor<3 I know you don’t know that I exist, but you and your music saved my life when I was giving up. You always make me happy and feel loved❤️I hope you know how much I love you💞My evermore vinyl will come home in a month and I’m so excited & happy🥺❤️ #evermorealbumVinyl

@taylorswift13 @alxaugusthead13 Out of respect for the people who were abused and mistreated by David O. Russell, PLEASE do not work with him. And out of respect for yourselves as women PLEASE don't work with him. @MargotRobbie, @anyataylorjoy, @taylorswift13

@taylorswift13 @alxaugusthead13 Don't know how to get ur attention or how to make u understand maam😭but am dieing each and every second 😭I didn't even slept or eat properly for last 4 month 😭now I lost my all hope 😭want to leave this world. 😭😭U r my last hope... Pls save me maam.. Begging on ur feet 🙏😭

‼️ PLEASE HELP ‼️ we only have few days to pay some bills & we will lose our home if we can't settle unpaid bills. Pls 🙏🏻🙏🏻 #gogetfunding #GoFundMe #swiftieshelpingswifties @taylorswift13 Help for Funeral Expense Debts, Cancer Treatment & Covid aftermath…

@taylorswift13 Tay please help us see better days. We're really losing hope. It's just a matter of days and we will be homeless and I don't know what else to do. Please help save my family 🙏🏻🥺 @taylorswift13…