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@Danology10 @SFMRocket @NFL @taylorswift13 He’s a sell out and they were assigned to one another. All slaves told what to do by the elite.

Do you think @taylorswift13 can convince the @Chiefs to change their name so they're no longer exploiting Indigenous groups as their "mascot"? Cleveland and Washington have already given up on it.…

Thank you Taylor swift for bringing back mini braids they slay @taylorswift13

@simonateba @taylorswift13 clearly does not understand the very people who pay for her music and go to her shows. Quite clear she has lost touch with her audience.

Sharing my favorite @taylorswift13 songs with my nieces 😂🫶🏽💜🥺

@newheightshow @JasonKelce @tkelce @taylorswift13 seems like a missed opportunity … no Ed Kelce in the box? Could have been REALLY entertaining!!! Probably a good idea to start with mama Kelce!

@taylorswift13 j'insiste😜 @DumasPierre15, from Toulouse France, can we have a date between us ?

@charleyt496 @Alphafox78 @taylorswift13 She’s owned by Soros now. He controls how much her records, concerts and merchandise sells for. He can make or break her in a few minutes. If he wants to keep making money of the investments he keeps the “stock” price up. If he needs a write off the stock can take a dive anytime

@klosslorgay @taylorswift13 Gaylors are absolutely disgustingly obessed with putting on a label on Taylor she hasnt put on herself and im sure she never will Why is it so hard to accept she isnt gay???? yalls behaviour is obsessive and weird

@NFL @taylorswift13 As if Mahomes girl wasn’t irritating enough.

@taylorswift13 please talk @tkelce into shaving el travador. Love you both!

@JoeyMannarinoUS My wife and i saw @taylorswift13 at CMA fest like 15 yrs ago. And i told my wife then, that she's nothing more than a wannabe/pop singer. Glad she Left CM bc she's beholden now to the illuminati crowd, as she already sold her soul to the Devil, along w/@katyperry

@folkslore13 That's how u know its nothing but a PR STUNT! Every BAIT-AND-SWITCH was a WORK OF ART. It's all PR according to @taylorswift13. Even @tkelce. You can CONFIRM that w THE SECRET LANGUAGE from #TaylorSwift's HIGH INFIDELITY, illicit affair, which is known as PATTERN RECOGNITION.……

@blessedswifty @taylorswift13 @tkelce PS: I love Taylor and glad she’s happy. Hopefully he’s down to Earth and this is the one. What kind of songs will come out of dating a football player? I love the way you run that line of scrimmage with your nice shapely butt; please don’t tear your ACL but if you do, I’ll nurse……

So what you are saying is that @taylorswift13 believes in killing babies & infanticide? So very sad that she has sold her soul to the devil 👿.…

'Blank Space' by @taylorswift13 fro. Her 2014 album '1989' has surpassed 1.5 BILLION streams on @Spotify.

@taylorswift13 I don't feel sorry for @taylorswift13 one but. She's now owned by a Jew aka George Soros, that sold out his own kind to the SS during WW2 including his own family members. Enjoy @taylorswift13…

Thank you for not knowing who my TE1 is🙏🏻 @taylorswift13

Aye @taylorswift13 I see eee your influence is amazing, when you go to the next chiefs game I recommend wearing all black Air Force 1s

@NFL @taylorswift13 I smell a 45th song about an ex-boyfriend soon when she dumps him/he dumps her.

@taylorswift13 I’m bringing my daughter to the Chiefs game on Oct. 12. It’s her birthday. Are you going to be there again? She’s a huge fan of yours. Would you have time to visit with her, just a few minutes would make her 13th birthday amazing. If not, we’re still fans.