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And now I have to sell a kidney to go see @taylorswift13 in concert … thanks a lot @Ticketmaster…

I’m glad @taylorswift13 fans are suing @Ticketmaster . I wish the Beyhive stuck together like this! They are a monopoly and they truly rob the fans

Thanks @taylorswift13 for spending 879 minutes with me in 2022. I couldn’t stop listening to the 1. #SpotifyWrapped…

@SebastianPrytz @chartdata @taylorswift13 Oh yeah right bc you've done what again for us?? True nothin so keep it cut and slowly walk away

Some of my most favorite and most played @taylorswift13 songs are so underrated 🥺🫶🏻✨ Dear Reader Epiphany Never Grow Up A Place in This World

@taylorswift13さん、2022年は1,881分間も一緒に過ごしてくれてありがとう。「We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together」をずっと聴いていました。#Spotifyまとめ…

@taylornation13 So I asked my @alexa99 if she liked @taylorswift13 . She replied, “I like Taylor Swift. She has an awesome reputation.”😎 I just knew she was a #Swiftie , like me. 😎. @amazon

@taylorswift13 has a good run at #4 on my Spotify Unwrapped, but @boburnham clearly takes the lead in the end. @fiona_chembot, I'm not sure that I should be proud of being in the top 2% of Bo Burnham listeners. 😅😬

When @taylorswift13 said “life is emotionally abusive” I felt that

@talkofthecharts @taylorswift13 6-9 tracks for a tenth consecutive week! lets go

@The13thAntiHero @chartdata @taylorswift13 what a rudeness..firework alone is more iconic than the entire Taylor career shut up

@hazedburgundy @TSwiftFTC @taylorswift13 No one provoked anybody when someone breaks any record it's obvious to mention that who held it earlier

@taylorswift13 TT Can I get some tickets I’ve never been to a concert and would love it to be yours. My x promised me that he was gonna take me to see you and never did 🥺 been a fan sense I was 7

Its december...and almost a week ..@taylorswift13 birthday.... and everytime..this reminds of us that were all grown up kids.though im not kid anymore..maybe the way i act..but im an aging woman and almost be out of the 🗓....btw,possibly magically bejeweled on the 13th.luvu Tay

@taylorswift13 A Japanese group that dances and sings wonderfully. Please take a look. Please. ichiban

no puedo creer que este año escuche 46,046 minutos de @taylorswift13 😵🤍

me when i heard @taylorswift13 perform a wildest dreams/enchanted mashup at the 1989 world tour