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Wait - did Rihanna start a real navy at some point

@Weloveeecameron @silenciawh0re @DECKSDIOR @chartdata @rihanna both charted for 18 weeks but stuck with u has more daily streams 💀😂

Can't remember to forget you by Shakira & Rihanna....IS SO SICK!!!

E o dia que fui comprar roupas com as amigas e a Laís do bbb estava lá no shopping… Fomos tirar fotos juntas e a besta achou que estávamos tirando foto dela. SAI FORA🤣🤣🤣 FAMOSA É A RIHANNA, MINHA FIA

Rihanna where is the album?!

Woooww Rihanna’s fenty fashion show is really the best fashion show I’ve ever seen. Why am I barely watching them 😂

@danielganjaman Sou a vizinha que fica escutando Rihanna e dps que o jogo acaba sai pra comemorar

@chirpingbird08 Lift me up by Rihanna Calm down by Selena Gomez Levitating by Dua lipa Love again by Dua lipa No lie by Sean Paul

Já disse nesta rede que eu amo a Rihanna?

@bobdaslabaredas Ele tendo dinheiro pode comer o q ele quiser seus idiotas fazendo disso pauta. Rihanna, Béyonce,Jay Z, Neymar é um milhão de milionárias negros tbm comem isso ou coisa mais cara, ostentam e não vira pauta pq? Pq não são brancos? Independente da cor cada um faz o q quiser caralho.

The evening after at Daniel's garden... Rihanna: children have right not to be exploited Ngwozika: Discipline them for wrong doing Rihanna: Tell children , they are intelligent! Ngwozika: Continue... Rihanna: Think right towards them!

@TinayeEdwell_ It was more of urban groove kwandiri but it was a banger or the Rihanna song remix

Rihanna being obsessed with Miroslav Klose is hilarious

@Tavosis HUH? Beyoncé song from her full length album vs a soundtrack song ? Mind you, Rihanna’s last lead single from an album.. which is Work .. outsold RENAISSANCE. 😭😭😭😭

合間合間でプレイリスト再生していく〜 #TJplaylist_SP プレイリスト「Travis Japan🔄Rihanna」を聴いてみませんか?…

rihanna said gender appropriations 😭😭

@statsonika @NICKIMINAJ @NICKIMINAJ should open A perfume line Makeup line Basically what Rihanna is doing with fenty beauty

There would no “We Found Love” with Rihanna & Calvin Harris if it wasn’t for “when love takes over” by David Guetta & Kelly Rowland. ISWIS.

that’s like rihanna i’ve been a hardcore navy for over 10 years but these last 2 songs has not been played more than twice 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Literal a treta da Katy contra a Rihanna... De idiotas por quê ficam achando que mulher é igual homem, só que só homem pode ter mais que uma mulher, mulher só pode ter um homem.…

I will never understand why y’all were hating on Rihanna for releasing a ballad after all these years…are ya’ll that simple minded to where you can’t enjoy beautiful raw vocals without a fancy dance beat behind it? Y’all are wild.

It costs Rihanna money to tour with her music because she’s so financially successful. It costs u lifelong friends for hateful posts and retweets to look cool to sell out and look like a poser (ur energy in 2010 vs 2016). You could never be as cool as Rihanna

@pooja_061 Sex with me in “Rihanna’s” voice… 🔥