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@sapphiccookie it’s 3am she’s feeding into my unhealthy sleeping schedule and i don’t appreciate it💔

__DAILY ALBUM STREAMS__(10/05)__WED__ The Fame Monster — 4,090,128,284 (+3,026,011) A Star Is Born — 4,507,650,310 (+1,791,874) Born This Way — 1,422,736,686 (+1,144,737) Chromatica — 2,139,038,974 (+923,431) Joanne — 1,421,182,123 (+422,308) ARTPOP — 934,648,187 (+336,544)

I really got to see my faves Lady Gaga, Bad Bunny and Kehlani all in the month of September 🥹

【Remix】Lady GagaのAlejandro のSkrillex remix...まさかの展開に鳥肌もんですよ。。…

LADY GAGAだって、あんなに歌唱力も技術力もあるのに、売れない頃は、お客さんに注目してもらうために、演奏中に服を脱いだりしたそうだ。 下手に真似をしたら出禁になりかねないが、恥を恐れないのは大切だな。 私も見習わないと……。

Fuck-me-hard-how-u-know-to-do #MTVStars Lady Gaga

cuando coño se super la super bowl de lady gaga

@ladygaga We have to gather the extremist Muslim and Christian cows who love destruction and bloodshed in the name of religion and make them form two teams that kill each other and wrestle with each other so that the globe and the peoples of the world can rest from them.

.@ladygaga's "Born This Way" had its biggest streaming day of the year with 1,144,737 streams this Wednesday

Why not?(当たり前でしょう)

@ladygaga We want to get rid of the nonsense of Muslim extremists that your Western intelligence made, and now we hear the nonsense of Christian extremists, and the common factor between them is bloodshed and destruction. 😒

職場着。Born This Waypを20回以上は聴いて励まされて。憂鬱だったのですが、癒しの力は大きいですね!癒しと励ましを有難うございます@ladygaga 🙏 根暗、メンヘラというよりは落ち込みやすい、でも私は私なりに前を向いて生きます。私らしく私を生きます。私を生きます!

meu feus como eu amo ser fã da lady gaga

@ladygaga so you have to settle your accounts far from us. We are neutral and we are tired of wars and conflicts(2)

@ladygaga We are tired of wars and conflicts in our region for twenty years that have not been calmed and settled because of you with your tools. You are with Russia, you did not live in a state of wars in your countries or regions, so you have to settle your accounts far (1)

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Vous b***der tous sur Charlie puth alors que ???? Bah ???? Voilà quoi.

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Lady Gaga is a Miku fan, it's plausible (at least for her, idk about Britney tho)

Judas de Lady Gaga me recuerda a los edits de Evan Peters 😭 amo

Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt and Robert Downey Jr. star in striking portrait series

Lady Gaga and Britney Spears in Proseka when tbh. We all know that VBS would slay Judas and that MMJ would slay Baby One More Time.

@ladygaga We are neutral. We have not entered into your war with Russia and Armageddon. You and Russia say that it is the battle of Armageddon. We are neutral.