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I need to meet whatever homosexual has curated the playlist for our hotel’s pool. We’ve been sat here for two hours and they’ve ONLY played songs by Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa & Rihanna - it’s such a slay.

New photo of Katy Perry for the 'Katy Perry Collections' fall collection.

@RealBirdLawyer I expect a Elway style expose on Katy Perry by the end of the night.

Katy Perry rejoint Peppa Pig pour un épisode spécial Après avoir fait une apparition mémorable dans "Les Simpson", la chanteuse Katy Perry s'apprête à égayer le monde de Peppa Pig en prêtant sa voix à un personnage spécial pour un épisode unique. L'annonce a été faite sur le……

Enter for your chance to win a trip to see Katy Perry: PLAY live in Las Vegas on Halloween!

@peppapig @katyperry Peppa's charm never stops shining.. Kate Perry as Ms. Leopard is a great news and indicative of a growing family in the Peppa universe.. all the best team @peppapig

@kvrpitv jajajajajajajajajajjaja es relajo

Katy Perry twarzą najnowszego zapachu Dolce & Gabbana - Devotion 🩷 Spot reklamujący perfumę nakręcony został u boku modela i aktora Michele Morrone na włoskiej wyspie Capri 🇮🇹

Katy Perry se une al elenco del programa “Peppa Pig”, en un episodio que saldrá al aire el año próximo

@katyperry @kpcollections Beautifully captured. Ready to make new connections.

eu to amando os memes com as músicas da katy perry , um mais engraçado que o outro kkkkkkkkkkkk

มีม katy perry you and i คือผ่านตาบ่อยมาก ละตลกทุกอัน จนกูตามไปหาเพลงจริงฟังอ่ะ5555555555 แผนการตลาด55555

@katyperry… You are such a d-bag Katy. Truly unbelievable that with all your money you can’t buy another property.

a diferença é que a rihanna não lançou álbum nos últimos anos, ja aa katy perry tentou de tudo um pouco e só conseguiu flopar…

@thesturge @absoluteradio @leonagraham Can think of 2 songs fitting so far.. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry Little 15 - Depeche Mode

A Katy Perry tem mt música boa né, será que a licença maternidade dela tá acabando?

Pronto. Só hoje temos, além dos fãs da Taylor, fãs da Madonna (pra variar) e fãs da Katy Perry enchendo o saco. A falta de um emprego, uma coisa útil, uma tarefa doméstica, um livro pra ler faz isso.

@katyperry Mitch McConnell controls a PAC that contains $ millions to elect GOP Senators. His Chinese wife’s contributors expect Mitch to control Senate votes. Money is with held from GOP Senators who won’t sell their votes to Mitch. Mitch is China’s pimp!