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@elonmusk I really dislike sleeping. I fight it every night.

@VctorClavijo @elonmusk No hables muy alto que igual no se ha dado cuenta de que siguen aquí y por eso siguen siendo gratis. Felicidades, Victor! Que seas muy feliz y que nos sigas dando tantas cosas bonitas

AOC Gets In A Battle Of Wits With Elon Musk And It Ends Very Badly: 'She's Just Not That Smart'…

@elonmusk 不会吧、不会吧,我们的小马哥居然躺在他爱人的怀里看剧

Elon Musk FIRES Election Integrity Team From X For UNDERMINING US Elections… via @YouTube FANTASTIC

@Glinner @elonmusk Searching for "Graham Linehan @Glinner" is the same. The only way I can tweet to you is by replying to a post you've made or writing your whole handle in manually.

@elonmusk @MarioNawfal It is a partisan issue. Democrats only oppose immigration into their own borders, and will fight like putbulls to demand all other borders be dismantled.

This girl with big yansh block me. So the Werey wan use the babe pic chop Elon musk money 😂😂😂😂

@catturd2 Maybe our protest about the shadowbans woke up @elonmusk. Naaa We r still being screwed with.

@MattWallace888 @elonmusk It is sad that you do not know it is Congress who must solve the border crisis. And if you do shame on you for spreading disinformation