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@elonmusk It would be nice if they could shine like a star in the sky. I miss seeings lots of stars. Rarely is there a night I can see 5 to 7 visible stars anymore.

@florianaigner Schade ist, dass noch niemand den Versuch unternommen hat darzulegen, was für, und was gegen ein neues Referendum unter UN Aufsicht spricht. Wenn @elonmusk 's Vorschlag so eindeutig BS ist, sollte es doch ein leichtes sein, die Argumente dagegen aufzulisten.

@LJHowieBoy @RichSmi39375609 @elonmusk @Teslarati @JohnnaCrider1 It's past your bedtime son. Go read up on current events and get back to me. Tucker is not a reliable source.

@alex_orlowski Come funziona? l'altro ieri ho dato del "moron" a elon musk e non ho ricevuto avvisi...

@elonmusk Ah! Grazie, ora ho capito qual è il secondo stadio. 😄

@elonmusk Ur worried about AI taking over the world yet everything u build (Tesla AI, neurolink, starlink, now access to everyone s personality) seems to be helping AI along this path. My theory is ur being controlled from the future but part of u is fighting back. Picard/Locutus situation

@MarekGajACMilan @elonmusk @0xChain @pepsi Podobne rysowałem w zerówce. Nie miałem pojęcia że taki wizjoner ze mnie.

@londix1 @KonstantinKisin @burner_lamo @elonmusk (1) Ratko Mladic was Bosnian Serb. Not Serbian. (2) the conviction was for the Srebrenica massacre. Not Kosovo. (3) the ICJ has rejected claims of widespread genocide in Bosnia (4) the population that is harassed and expelled from Kosovo are its minorities - Serbs, Roma.

@elonmusk @pepsi FAKE is the volume of bitcoin - 51% Of Daily Bitcoin Volume in 2022 Is Fake…

@3YearLetterman @elonmusk Oh God help us. We seem to have lost our senses…

@yourdesigirrl mit kanye west bumsen, während elon musk euch dabei filmt und es auf twitter mit @ posted. #rr

@elonmusk It’s STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! And so clean looking. My mom would love you. She couldn’t stand exhaust fumes. ♥️

@EmmetPeppers @elonmusk @KyivPost It's nearly impossible to somewhat accurately assign probabilities to future events I think

@elonmusk @KyivPost Thank you Elon. Until now you always showed me that you are the most important person of this century as you not only established electric cars and cheap space flights. You also always stayed on the ground and didn't play the games with our world as the other super rich do.

@elonmusk @LindseyGrahamSC Маск, не крась Днепр в эти гамняные цвета! Днепр за Украину! В 2014 году именно он стал форпостом Украины, и станет снова, если возникнет необходимость. Вы гениальный изобретатель и замечательный эффективный менеджер. Но не лезьте в политику! В ней вы лох и поц.

@elonmusk @pepsi This Tesla truck presents to you: the best obesity products Murica has to offer. You know it couldn't have served a better purpose.

@AmericanFietser If those people would use it with family, friends and neighbors, more than 30 million people would directly benefit If done only in the US, that's ~10% of the country Now that's a real moonshot @elonmusk 🚀🚴

@KateTalksTruth @elonmusk The dude was a quack, his credentials burnish over this complete conspiracy theory and off the rails approach to information sharing... he is not what people claim him to be.