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@cnnbrk Need to put age limit on these people/positions.

@cnnbrk A truly remarkable leader and role model!!

@cnnbrk A real leader for all women! God bless and rest her soul. Her history speaks for itself.

@cnnbrk TERM LIMITS. People shouldn’t be dying while serving

@cnnbrk I think she's still planning on finishing out her term.

@salomondrin @cnnbrk You are absolutely going to burn in hell

@cnnbrk Hurray! Let’s hope Pelosi isn’t far behind!

@cnnbrk She’ll still find a way to serve two more terms

@cnnbrk Smoken on that dianne feinstein pack, this sheeit hitten

@cnnbrk Nothing better than to die doing what you Love!

@cnnbrk her lobbying account still open people in case you wanna donate. Her spirit still taking the money, just like when she was wearing a diaper at work a few weeks ago.

@cnnbrk So we finally find out what the age cap is for holding political positions.

@cnnbrk Very sad — I remember when she was a Moderate and not a leftie! God rest her soul ✝️