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@Urunderarrest I agree but also like a vet Cam, stepping up and calming him down. Let the vets talk to him.

I love GP, he's so passionate. I know it looks like bad sportsmanship but he just has serious passion. Kid's got spunk. He'll be ok.

Our offense is just so close... I can see the future but the youth of this offense just always rears its head. Once we get it all rolling...

Great drive by the Steelers. Wearing down that Falcons defense and getting those rush yards.

#83!!! I love this team...the future is looking up peeps!

#88 is destined to be a Steelers great! And I'm glad to be able to see it!!!

@Blitzburghstil1 Warren just coming back. Play the hot hand. He'll get a lot by next week

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@AlexiLalas You said we need a real stricker and that could hurt us! It did. Can't win without scores. Oh well...young team only looking up for US

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