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@Mistyswoman He used to catch mice and just play with them. , not eat them . I put one outside once during winter, found it next morning frozen in the same upright spot, poor thing .

@Loveufren For them - It does not matter if the mice is black or white, it must be able to catch mice

@Aretha20221 @Denzell75399403 @Son_ImSleep Aretha, if I know that cheese catch mice, why would I switch the bait to make the mouse feel better about getting caught

@sxmyeong okay so i was being dumb as hell on one hour of sleep and i'm vv sorry about that but i really hope you're okay!! idk how comfortable you are doing it but i've seen some people use buckets with a little oil + peanut butter + a false lid to catch mice. take care of yourself!!

@1cilsmoke “Hey whose cat is that?” *The girl asked as she walked over and picked Cillian up by the scruff* “hmm…Looks weak not even strong enough to catch mice” *she scoffed*

If you will be at PCMA in January, come and meet Joi in the Tech Playground: Unlock the Power of Seamless Event Planning with Joi @catch_mice @joi_events #eventprofs

@Kepavo I used to do this using a piece of cardboard and a big pickle jar to catch mice in our garage 50+ years ago. Then I'd let them loose in the woods behind the house.

@bgardnerfanclub I mean, how could mice not be terrified of this 😹 (although in all seriousness, even if most cats can’t catch mice I think just the hint of a cat is enough to keep them away).

Kestrels (from the genus of predatory birds Falco) catch mice, lizards (just had 1), and the occasional chick. They are fun-sized falcons. The bird watching here is different than where I used to live. I only heard the owls late at night but they probably got down the same way

I've been listening to The Men From The Ministry on @bbcradioXtra. In the episode where they set out to catch mice rampaging Whitehall, the hapless mandarins sound more competent than Bodger's whole @10DowningStreet #wato #bbcpm

A white cat and a black cat are good cats if they can catch mice, and letting a few people get rich first is, in fact, following the path of capitalism, only with a better name, building socialism with Chinese characteristics.

@Minmin22865 When there are no mice in the house and you want to show your cat how to catch mice.😁

@mcp3393 his cat is just for show; it can't catch mice

@MasterTrollius I had a cat that would catch mice but this is way more impressive

@GrizzledYungVet Seems like a helluva rap bar: I tonguepunch fartboxes like an oral Mike Tyson Puttin' out motherfuckers like Heisenberg with ricin Suckin' up suckas like my grandma's old Dyson Snappin' fools like you in traps like what you catch mice in

@dana916 That's a great method. I used to catch mice when I was a kid by flooding their holes.

"As someboday has said, we do care whether the cat is black or white, as long as it can catch mice," Nelson Mandela. #Mandela10 #NMAL2023 #Malala #NelsonMandela

@Cheech_Baruk @ServiceSsu Maje 'em catch mice & rats to eat for their own survival

PSA: if u ever need to catch mice in your house, peanut butter is an ultra effective bait

@1nsaneabuse he was jsut telling me about how as a kid he'd catch mice in a plastic bag and fill it with petrol then set it on fire v.v

@TicTocTick Dogs don't catch mice, come to think of it what real benefit does a dog bring that a cat doesn't?

teaching the cat to catch mice just look at her

@ibmmiller @CheekyCalvinist They can’t protect you. They don’t lead around blind people or help sniff out bombs. They’re more allergenic. They carry disease that literally make you crazy. If your wife gets pregnant she has to keep distance They catch mice. They have no utility otherwise. It’s all downside

Owls create snow angel imprints while hunting in winter when they swoop down to catch mice or squirrels.

@SOSIntel @HecoxMichelle @cedvelt @RALee85 And then train the humans not to feed the cats, or they won't be hungry enough to catch mice

@MelissaMbarki @KronikKustoms What if someone got a cat that was trying to teach its kitten how to catch mice and the cat mistakeningly thought that kangaroo was a giant mouse and.... nah, that's a dumb idea.

@TudorChick1501 A long time ago, I worked at a place that used glue traps to catch mice. Once caught a mouse would literally rip itself to pieces trying to get free. The RF is caught in a glue trap of their own racism and hate, and they're going to rip themselves apart.

@gunsnrosesgirl3 This is so cute. Especially since all mine do is catch mice, injure them, and then bring them inside the house for my wife to freak out about and then wake me up to go deal with 😂

My cat is relatively well fed and he still used to catch mice for fun on the off chance he managed to escape the house, which is the number one argument for keeping cats indoor really Also the time he exploded a fucking bird in the living room

@l42022425 "Likes" are Nice But Don't Catch Mice That Eat Our Cheese.

@Gschnitty @ZekeGeiss @Kepavo I have real mouse traps and they work. But they’re messy to clean up, I figured I’d give this a try. It’s not like it was a lot of money. if it worked? great!!. But so far, it hasn’t worked for me. I still catch mice at the same time in the same area with conventional traps.

@JMountain12 My cat couldn't climb trees so that Robin would be safe. Another one would catch mice and leave them stunned on the doorstep.

Hello, Rebel Vegans! I hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far. I was very surprised to come across this video seeing as some cats will catch mice. This cat decided to adopt it instead! 🎥 @Nationals.vidss #cuteanimals #cat #cats #vegan #veganlife