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@patrickpucci2 One of the greatest, Sterling Sharpe

@IKE_Packers ARodgers, CMathews, DDriver, KBB, BFranks

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@BrewPack8 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆…ya right

@RapSheet He won’t be after RG gets a hold of him Sunday morning!

@ajdillon7 If you do not laugh and cry to this one then well I’ve got nothing for you….

Can we please all say it together….FIRE PAUP

@B5Q this like watching a high school football team play a college team, I love my Badgers but our program isn’t even close to OSUs

@POTUS your sending us to our grave, hope you cannot sleep at night

@BallySportWI @Brewers Lolololol, cmon Bally, obviously you guys are still learning…miss FSN: Wisconsin

@bruter24 Unless you have played baseball at a decent level u have no idea how hard that catch was….99% of guys out there wouldn’t have even tried to make that catch.

@cheefkief72 @TIME Bring Wyatt Earp back from the dead.

@zadariussmith One across the broader in Wisconsin