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DRUGS AND ALCOHOL kids! STAY AWAY! Otherwise, you COULD end up BANANAS like @TarynManning 😳🤡. ❤️ @britneyspears & @KimCattrall 😍🥰. #CrossRoadsReboot…

@R453374510 又、好きな食べ物色々教えてね。特に食事メニュー😋勝負飯😋

Celebrating @britneyspears on the podcast this week. Britney released her second album in 2000, selling over 20 million copies worldwide. Subscribe, download & listen - available wherever you get your podcasts. #BritneySpears

@zach_wood97 @xtina @britneyspears The nerve to @ her. Alll this anger needs to be redirected... @ ur parents, your genetic makeup is a result of them not Christina.

@zach_wood97 @xtina @britneyspears Let's be realistic here, only one of them can actually perform these days, and she can actually do it live...

Now that the strike is over, @britneyspears can you get dressed for one night and have a #Crossroads rerelease premiere with @zoesaldana @TarynManning @KimCattrall @justinlong @real_danaykroyd #AnstonMount etc etc

@radishpower @TaylorSwift @michellewu @britneyspears @fanta @NIUNorthernStar @zhangziyi @MayorWu Wow “… She looks like a rape victim,” @yuhline & @wutrain - @MayorWu … y’all are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with your cult like followers from the classless clown cult, now huh, and perhaps making threats? #bospoli #mapoli #NewYork #Politics

@britneyspears @GalleryBooks @simonschuster How’s a normal crippled guy like myself get a beautiful superstar like @britneyspears to slide into my DMs 😂🤣🤷‍♂️

Escuchando a @britneyspears . Todo empieza a pesar, todo empieza a agobiar... Pero con calma, relativizando, creo...

El 24 de octubre será publicado en español el libro de memorias de @britneyspears: “La mujer que soy” por #PlazayJanés. #Leer #Escribir #Libros #BritneySpears #FelizLunes

Queen @britneyspears "In the Zone" reference track from her sessions with Fred Durst, titled "When it Rains" (2003) 👸 Audio:… Source: Limp Bizkit's 2003 "MTV Album Launch" special

Hmmmm...Reposted from @TarynManning Wait for it… Omg #crossroads omg @britneyspears @zoesaldana thank you @RollingStone ☠️ wait for it. Listen more then you have.

@zach_wood97 @xtina @britneyspears No offense but this anger and hate that you carry against a talented, gorgeous and above all REAL ARTIST named Xtina is the reason why you are in need of Botox in your forehead at age 26, already balding, and without the energy to address rosacea.