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@AveryBa68752542 Great time of year. Always went to my local co-op about this time to buy amazing local grown peanuts. Hard to decide which flavor I liked so bought a little of everything

@rotterdamvvg DeSantis deflected on every pointed question. When asked about his exact words regarding slavery, he deflected to Kamala. When asked about Ukraine, he said "Let's talk about the border." He knows he's wrong, wrong, wrong. And deflecting is his safe space.

@cardon_brian @IvanasStairCam @ryanobles Hopefully @NBCNews will actually show at least part of this exchange on the air if it can transcend the MSM's penchant for false equivalence! What about it, Lester? @NBCNightlyNews

@aaron_p_edwards I guess my family is the exception, but I became a Christian first, and now everyone, including my parents, are Christians. My husband was about two years behind me. I always assumed God told the Israelites not to let their sons marry pagan women because of their influence.

she has deep songs, i just think it's funny how you all ran with that one youtube fan theory about this song shining a light on predatory behavior in the industry when hyuna herself has said this song is about dawn and how he made her feel youthful in their relationship...

@mahlenneth LOLOL I don't mind; I get curious about gsn, so it's enjoyable seeing what you wanna share about it! n.n

@brettperl Now do all the ones you picked and whiffed on... what's that saying about a free lunch...?

@Ana29819415 @AkintayoTeeT @pedrichees13442 @BarcaTimes You've been streaming Barcelona matches on Madrid TV week in week out and you're talking about obsession 😭

@undisputed @RealSkipBayless Skip sees thing from a perspective of money and status. Dame and Giannis aren’t thinking about how big of a market Milwaukee is. Build it and they will come right? They are about winning championships now though…

@Dwabaman_ZA The English press called Pep and Klopp the best coaches in the world before Pep won Champions League, called Man city the best team in the world, that's what Rhulani is talking about here. SA press should be calling Sundowns best in Africa and Rhulani best coach in Africa.

@DaveKluge I’m feeling good about Kenneth, thanks though

@JackPosobiec Spending and high taxes drive inflation, and that square with the current WH. How about, price of gasoline? #MAGA

@afoxdesign @osbfabio hope you guys don't mind the tag. Thoughts on the meta quest 3 ?1 These are some of the questions that I have after the reveal: Is 8 gb ram enough? Is it 110° FoV or 'up to'? What about the black levels of the screen and the improved haptics?

Tyler and what’s his name, two grown men gossiping about women with other women #SellingTheOC

Conclusion: Loki was worth the wait. He's worth the hype. He's awesome. As a new active character in the lore, he truly charges Brawlhalla through the corrupting power of Darkheart & through his machinations. I'll make a video about his lore later this week.

@LaBaseFacade @_Motheo__ Do you mean by delaying the release of Paradise 2? It's been three years now, and a lot of people have started to understand that he's capping about dropping it anytime soon. I get the feeling it will be like that last Lil Wayne album, highly anticipated yet perform poorly

@RVALover4Life @howzitguy96815 @MajorPhilebrity I’m not bothered nor triggered by anything. I’m just speaking my truth. 😂 if I have a problem about Folsom you have one with my opinion. I can sit here and say the same.

So I met someone today who made me realize how much I’ve been changing about myself and the way I think to adapt to the lifestyle of the guy I like. However the guy that I like didn’t even want to give me a T-shirt of his.

@simonateba @GovChristie For sure he had a boner when he said that. I analyze he is one of those people who laugh hardest about his own jokes.

I’ve Learned so much about my body within this last year, im really turning into a health freak.

@Donovan_McFlabb @Victorshi2020 Were you this mad about half truths when M.Hassan went on tv and credited Biden with all-time great job growth his first year, even though it was just people returning to work after the covid ended? The media lies us and have for decades.But not the govt place to stop it.

Jimmy Dore briefs the United Nations about the 2022 Nord Stream pipeline...… via @YouTube

@bobcesca_go I was raised in a GOP household, & it felt like betrayal the first time I voted for a Democrat (2008). But when I stepped out of my bubble I realized I'd been lied to my whole life about Dems. My mssg is "join the coalition of the decent, our only chance to save the republic".

Go figure... making Biden inquiry about DT is the Democrat game plan!

I will never stop complaining about leaf blowers and unnecessarily early yard work being completed. Like just. let. it. go bro, let the grass...go. Have a meditation & rake the gd leaves instead, ffs 🫶🏼 signed, your noise averse neighbor.

@mmpadellan Go to “ The national unemployment rate is computed solely from a nationwide survey of about 60,000 households conducted by the Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Easy to manipulate

@Naji_Hayek Please Focus on Bank . Forget about GULF USA Russia etc . There is a bank problem . No need to bark elsewhere

@Saraita101 When you tax productivity rather than wealth and/or don't tax the non productivity to force them to become productive.This is what happens the wealth sits with families and asset owners and everyone unfortunate can go swing!But yeah let's be worried about sausages and subjugation

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One trait I do not like in a coach is stubbornness and too rigid to change their approach. I hope E.B. changes my mind about him. Get that Run Game going early and often.

@JuszczykFan According to the cited story, Kendi is downsizing the center because he was trying to do too many things all at once and it was creating management issues. There's nothing in the story about speaking fees, accusations of misconduct, or anything Tandler is implying.

I just met the incomparable, legendary #BethannHardison Check out her documentary, “Invisible Beauty,” in theaters now. Coined the “Godmother of fashion,” learn more about her fight to change the face of fashion. Grabbing my 🎫

@jedd45879038 @NFL_DovKleiman @WJZ13sports How does that game even correlate to me laughing about what roquans said?😂😂😂😂