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Dude matt so funny bruh i cant fw em no more 💀

@tigrayrocks @angelgirl1976 @Thewebmusician @nightdrake @boltonnut @boogiechild5820 @MichiganPal @kernsac @songbird328 @MarvellaF @WingnutKV @ShannonD10 I wish people had done that here. I think I was the only one in my building who wore a mask, at least that's what Tony told me, based on what he saw. And I'm still doing that.

@benmaller To anyone who turned off that Thursday night game to do anything else, literally anything...

@pedgoca @belpetit Acho que até o The Who, que só veio uma vez. Rs Mas os Rolling Stones, com certeza.

Who buys a current-year budget sedan anyway? The S-Class feels like an obvious choice to me…

@ShaunLintern @Cedar50 @StGeorgesTrust Who instigated this ‘business continuity’ term? What relevance does it have to what is clearly a major incident? The collapse of the NHS is terrifying & there seems to be no way to stop it happening with this dangerous fascist government in charge.

Who were your first three celebrity crushes you can remember?

oh, it didn't who called the film "All's fair in Love and Thought they were against that

"The WHO identified the medicines as Promethazine Oral Solution, Kofexmalin Baby Cough Syrup, Makoff Baby Cough Syrup and Magrip N Cold Syrup."…

My favorite person to argue with was born today. The funniest ESL speaker to walk the planet. One of the GOAT space hosts across Twitter. The only person who can say “that’s lovely” without meaning it and STILL convince you she cares what you have to say.

just a mademoiselle who wants to be in paris

@jemmaforte ‘I’ve never been more ashamed to be a Tory’ ‘She doesn’t care about us’ I agree with everything he says but have never been more baffled as to why someone who thinks like that or holds those values would vote Tory 🤦🏼‍♂️

@UnityNewsNet Poor naive woman. I mean who doesn’t want peace, but you also have to understand the russian mentality.

@acroce66 Well, we know who Dan Connor ended up with 😅 Katey Sagal's character Louise married John Goodman's character after Rosanne was killed off.

@PDXsBURNING @Tyrone2Nice Have no idea who you are, but sure we can talk whenever. Again it doesn't take food out of your mouth, but it wouldn't paint the individual as truly caring right? You would see through his "nice guy act" for sure right?

Most of our issues is that we don’t believe who we say we are because we’re afraid of being labeled low lives. A lot of folk would consider me filth and reduce me to a street walker and satan worshipper. But my reality is that I'm a Hoodoo, entertainment entrepreneur.

@BradleyCarl256 @joel_mvuka Ugandans can never disappoint so there is a crook who went fast to open this ki account since he spotted a chance of Fame from this name 🤣😂😂😂. The account it a nyt old .I won't fall avictim I swear💃💃💃💃

Good morning all. Welcome to Friday. I’ve got an exciting day in store with a root canal 🦷 followed by a flu jab 💉 Who can top that?

@sikomore @PaulJawin He hit persons face who couldnt move, who was severe injured and who told he is a doctor. Fucking patience

@RosieBarton @CBCTheNational @ChantalHbert @acoyne @althiaraj Do you think you elite commentators will ever agree with Aesop who said “divided we fall”, 2600 years ago? In case you haven’t noticed the divisions in humanity are destroying us. The solution is not electoral reform. It discarding our divisive beliefs.…

@AdvoBarryRoux Whatever that is posted is nonsense, how could all that affect one's life. It's such a big illusion to think that works. Just be responsible with your life and all life will work fine no matter who does what where...

@Spamsalotnow @andrew_lilico For the vast bulk of us and frankly those who aren’t already conserving their energy are probably wealthy enough to weather the storm anyway I say that because my household earnings aren’t low and I’m conserving energy use

@NdindiiNyoro Hustlers voted to remove bureaucratic barriers to setting businesses, multiple licenses, approvals to invest in import cartel sectors like sugar. Repugnant laws, regulations are still in place. But enabling foreign investors in lieu of Hustler Investors who voted is on overdrive.

As #BharatJodoYatra moves forward, more and more people are coming out to support @RahulGandhi Ji and all the Padyatris. Our vision aligns with the aspirations of millions who believe hate will never take the country on the path of prosperity.

@profmiketoole @DanielAndrewsMP I’m just as disappointed as you in this government’s disregard for vulnerable, those who cannot be vaccinated and the general welfare of all citizens. Who knows what’s coming🥲

To all of us who have been used and taken for granted by people we like but refused to give a name to what we had.…

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Stream was fun tonight, thanks to everyone who stopped by and @yammi_bammi for the raid! Tomorrow we finish Dead Space and possibly start A Plague Tale: Innocence!

"Thinking About Your L❤️VE" by Kenny Thomas. Who remembers this classic? Kiss & make up with love of your life or whoever you've fallen out with. Time to mend those bridges with L❤️VE. 😃😍😘❤️❤️❤️🌺🌺🌺🏩🏩🏩💙💙💙💗💗💗