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This was a really fun and incredibly entertaining movie in the Spider-Man series. Miles Morales is Goated! I am highly excited to watch the new Spider-Verse movie tomorrow! 🫡🍿…

Time to watch this today, before I go watch the new Spider-Verse tomorrow! 👽🍿

Nonviolent Communication got me in my feels man 🥺

No joke, Coi Leray’s song with Metro was pretty damn good! I’m impressed

The James Blake x Metro Boomin song is so incredibly magical!

Chisato & March 7th both got a similar vibe, they’re both quirky, cute, and badass! 😼…

@SenseiKev_ Too lazy to go check, how many eps?

So yeah, I finished watching BOCCHI THE ROCK! and I absolutely loved it! A true side-splitting comedy which had me entertained, and it was wholesome. A very very very strong 9/10 for me! 🎸🤝🏽 #BOCCHITHEROCK

@SenseiKev_ I was laughing for a solid five minutes after watching this lmao

Hitori’s reaction when she heard Kita turned in their band performance form for the School Festival got me in tears 😂 She turned into “The Scream” like “😱”, LMFAOOOOO

Time to watch these last 3 episodes of BOCCHI THE ROCK! 🎸

@josh_priv4 I’ve done many quests and this’ll be one of my favorites fs!

@1cy_IC Dude, the quest was emotional and wholesome! It made me love Yoimiya way more than I did before 🥹

After finishing Yoimiya’s story quest, it’s safe to say that she has earned her spot in my top 5 Genshin Characters ever, and my favorite Pyro character. Yoimiya’s new story quest was absolutely beautiful! 🧡🎇 #GenshinImpact

@RakuShokuJ I remember the SlayerOfBlondes era 👱🏼‍♀️

Kafka on Phase 2?! YESSS, this’ll give me enough time to save up for her 😼…