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@RonFilipkowski Poor criminals if they would have just stayed home

@RonFilipkowski It's called a prison job. This is not uncommon for any prison or jail.

@RonFilipkowski Why are you so upset? You’re innocent, right? Just relax and let the process play out. Look forward to the day when you can tell all those people rooting against you to go “pound dirt”.

@RonFilipkowski They're in jail, not a resort. They should do their own cleaning. I have to do mine.

@RonFilipkowski They are traitors - screw them. She should be there with them - screw her too! They should have received the old school punishment for traitors.

@RonFilipkowski They’ve got to earn their free room and board.

@Socasiren2 @RonFilipkowski Well since prison was supposed to be for POCs first according to their social thoughts....because POCs are true criminals. According to them. She worse than confused.🙄

@RonFilipkowski Poor babies. I thought they were WARRIORS, not SIMPS.

@RonFilipkowski There is one God and he created all that is .. and these 2 and others think it’s ok to judge Gods work and find it wrong ..

@RonFilipkowski To be fair, its same thing you said about his threats to lock up Hillary Clinton in 2016. Setting the DOJ and DOD against political enemies (including voters) is a dangerous precedent. But it has been dem policy for 7 years now. Just make sure the rabbit never gets the gun.

@RonFilipkowski Does she think they're at a resort? They are in jail!

@RonFilipkowski You didn't care when Rep. Andy Kim cleaned up after them.

@RonFilipkowski Too bad it doesn't protect you from imaginary crimes dreamed up by pitiful partisan Democrats either it seems.

@RonFilipkowski Hey she is learning about the criminal justice system. Good for her

@RonFilipkowski That’s why they shut it down. Idotic to begin with

@RonFilipkowski Marge continues to complain about treatment of J6 inmates: “Over the past week, the J6 defendants have had to spend their time scrubbing, cleaning, and painting the walls in the area they have to stay in.”

@RonFilipkowski @davidfrum TFG: I usually use the phrase "Be quiet". It shows a bit of respect. In this case, I'll use the phrase "Shut the F*** Up". It shows all the respect that is due.

@EdGreenberger @RonFilipkowski Suckers are born every minute. There is many for Trump to get funds from to run his travels.

@RonFilipkowski Then she should not be shocked when the guard hands her a bucket and sponge.

@RonFilipkowski Calling BS!! tRump doesn’t go to church & does not know how to handle a Bible!! Roger Stone IS THE Penguin from Batman a villain just trying to save himself!!

@RonFilipkowski I would assume all prisoners must clean and paint their rooms. They don’t have dial-a-maid!

@RonFilipkowski Does she think they’re at a fckn resort? It’s freaking prison!!!!! You don’t get coddled in prison!!!!

@RonFilipkowski Small price to pay considering they would have been dealt with in a more permanent way during the times of our forefathers.

@JoJoFromJerz @RonFilipkowski Which is the tragedy. Officer Brian Sicknick and the Capitol Police Officers who worked on January 6 deserve justice, not the obstruction of justice and re-writing of history that is taking place. It's cruelty by GOP gaslighting.