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@nut_history Either a Colecovision game like Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, etc or Pac-Man on arcade.

@inondehfsusld Better off Dead, Say Anything, Friday, Good Fellas, Godzilla Against Mecha Godzilla (1974)

@ahjo_7 We got a lot of talent coming up. Belt gone, Rodon don't know for sure he said Cubs maybe, Longo done, I think we keep Junis. Sign Logan to an extension now that starts after our last control year. Joc probably gone for more dough.

@SF_hardball Go get Judge. Pick up a couple younger cheaper SP.

Fam time. Watching my grandson play games. Ate Potato Soup. Good ending to an otherwise terrible day. Talking about my first tattoo and getting my hair bleached.

@FINALLEVEL Yup for sure. What about the starving children in Ethiopia, and The Congo etc.

@kevin92285_1 @ahjo_7 Yeah just like in AZ. People camp out then get violent and stupid or 2 greedy guys buy it all.

@MattDennis9 @ahjo_7 It’s tough finding retail in stores in the greater Sacramento area. Best chances are still online.

@ahjo_7 Just moved back to Ca. Lot of expenses. Might get some cards in a bit after we settled.

@MattDennis9 I luck for me at Walmart and Target. MLB Store NYC close by my office though. It’s a blessing and a curse 😬

@ahjo_7 Nice I been so busy haven't had time to find out if Target has cards here. No cards at the Walmart. Hoping in next few months I find something here. Without having to go Carmichael or Sacramento.

@DannyG_49 I thought good player could be special.

@_ericdavis_ @NINERBULLBLKHWK Just think about how much better our Defense will be when Jimmie Ward comes back.

@MattDennis9 It was awesome fam. Definitely watch the highlights on YouTube

@49ersSFGiants1 Ha ha. Just got off work. Saw all the dumb stuff earlier. Huf with a huge TD.

@505suthrnguido I used to watch them when they were on WTBS and they were bad. Then in 1991 they were phenomenal. I don't root for them but I root for them to beat everybody but my Giants.

@NinerNick_22 Whether we start on D or O we will make a stop, or force a turnover and maybe score on a return. We get the ball on offense and score that way. Rinse and Repeat until we up by 20 or more. Don't slow down though. Just don't need as many deep shots.

@JL_Chapman That's how I feel seeing all my money being spent knowing my checks don't become bigger until likely 3rd and 4th. California expensive living in a motel 6 for awhile.

@JL_Chapman John you look like a deer in the headlights.

@JM41484 @gkittle46 He needs to be selfish tonight. At least 15 passes need to go his way. He can turn that into a hell of a night. Those are the nights he gets 150 plus and a TD

@zain49ers I'm in Vacaville, CA. Gotta work late tonight gonna miss the game.

@NinersNation Gotta be Kittle. He has to get more involved in the passing game.

@49erswebzone Happy birthday Javon hope you have a good game tonight. #Go49ers #Beat the Lambs

@Bullskickass 26.5 5.5 boards 5 assists 1.7 steals 1.5 blocks 65 % Floor 90% Free Throw 40% Three

@SFGiants Happy birthday Matt. Have a great day.