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@MikeLupica Condolences, Mike! You had him a long time, a blessing.

@kittytriplet Had 3 pulled a few weeks ago. If they offer gas, take it, good stuff.😊

@GSmokesweed1 Block them! I keep my followers to a minimum and avoid folks I don’t agree with.

@Emarie110265 Good morning Elizabeth, enjoy your day!☮️💙☕️☀️🎶

Good morning friends! Another 90 degree day on tap in Central Florida. No appointments today so I’ll be hanging in the a/c. All the news on TV is horrible. Kudos to the Nashville cops for their quick response to yesterday’s school tragedy. We mourn children once again.😞

@GSmokesweed1 Good morning Grandma!☮️💙☕️☀️🎶

@TeddyP57550387 When the second amendment was created, a musket was the weapon of choice. It needed to be reloaded manually and shot one round at a time. The amendment should be rewritten to account for current and future weapons.

@AngieHaynes3 Thanks Angie, same to you!☮️💙💤

@BetsyRi66304373 How would you define Trump followers? Dumb? Right wing fools? Bigots? All of the above? When will they ever learn?

9pm in the East. Tuesday is a blank schedule for me. Got to do my exercises for OT and PT Wednesday. Wish you all a restful night. Hasta mañana!

@Emarie110265 Some people do not understand that only controversial behavior gets on the news. There are lots of good people everywhere. Unfortunately, our Governor brings out bad behavior by his actions and remarks.

@Mollyploofkins Only when the NRA stops paying off Congress to vote their way.

@whittler_e Grow up with her, no, not in New York. Like her and respect her now, absolutely!

@JVMonte2 Pink Floyd Dark Side Of The Moon 1973.

@MartyRoseFL1 I owned a split level home before I sold it and did my nursing travels for 6 years. I had a devastating flood in my lower level a couple years before I sold it. It took me a year to repair & replace the furnace, water heater, drywall, etc. I can’t imagine losing EVERYTHING.

@songgirl731 I saw a few folks interviewed as well, just terrible. They all want to stay a rebuild.

@MartyRoseFL1 I just watched Robin Roberts interview some people who lost everything. She asked them, “How are you feeling?” How the Fvck do you think they’re feeling? Shock, grief, overwhelmed?