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@KimKardashian I was wondering maybe they forgot about posting updates related to #TheKardashians Season 4 😭 Looking forward and wishing you all the very best, love all across from Pakistan ✌🏻❤️💐 @KimKardashian you rocking super star 🌟

@KimKardashian Y'all made the best season start ever with that heated phone call at the beginning! I'm glad it didn't drag out as much as it did in Season 3 and it started right off with the action.

@KimKardashian Bestie, @NightTimePod and I did a recap/discussion on the first episode of American Horror Story: Delicate. I know you were there during filming but check it out. Second episode recap streams tonight! You were, as always, absolutely fantastic🖤🕷️…

@KimKardashian AHS season 12 leaves much to be desired so far. Lazy writing and crappy editing…is your presence supposed to carry the show? Expected better production values from a project you put your name on.

With "AHS: Delicate," Ryan Murphy knocked it out of the proverbial park with Kim Kardashian, an early contender for this season’s MVP: Most Valuable Publicist.

@KimKardashian Babes. What you saying. You owe me a vengeance play. Run it.😩😩😭

@KimKardashian #RealityOfShradh जीवित बाप के लठ्ठम लठ्ठा, मूवे गंग पहुचैया। जब आवे आसोज का महीना, कौवा बाप बनईयां। जीवित बाप के साथ तो लड़ाई रखते हैं और उनके मरने के उपरांत उनके श्राद्ध निकालते हैं। परमात्मा कहते हैं रे भोली सी दुनिया सतगुरु बिन कैसे सरिया।