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Done smoking weed. Lost a madden season with DB that was 6 weeks in because I was too stoned. @EAMaddenNFL is there anyway to get our season back if we both retired?

@elonmusk This account is mean spirited and has cost me money and endless opportunities. Borderline evil. Thank you.

This Twitter page will be used exclusively for all @JoshKing65 bets for 2023 & beyond. All-Time Stats will be kept. Every bet & amount will be tracked. January 1, 2023 #JoshKing65

They posted this before the games. No tricks or gimmicks. @FaceofKttc is the very best at betting NHL games. I’d put him up against anybody. Follow him and see for yourself.…

Another deal at the Trade deadline with @JPIrons. We both left feeling like the other one might have gotten one over on us. 🥂 to both teams hopefully making the dance. Via @SleeperHQ. #FantasyFootball

Ain’t over til it’s over. All eyes on @BobbyOkereke! Need 15 points. I believe he’ll get 20. Shock the world!…

@JoshKing65 @MyFantasyLeague Sorry my friend, need this dub for the greater good of my franchise 😬

Can @n_burk18 and the Greensburg Saviors eliminate the Pittsburgh Raiders? We’ll know in a few hours. Need one more miracle on @MyFantasyLeague. #FantasyFootball

I tell you what…@104thehawk followed me and then the Raiders scored a touchdown. I don’t follow anybody but if they win…I’m def following them forever. #RaiderNation

4th & 1 and they toss it to the right for loss. Fuck Josh McDaniels. Totally Incompetent. This will be the last time I bet on Raiders with him being the head coach. Totally just lost this game. #RaiderNation

Let’s go @Raiders. Thanks to Sarah at @lids in Greensburg. Absolutely praying Raiders win today. #RaiderNation

Pittsburgh Raiders vs South Greensburg Saviors on national television. Raiders need a win to keep their playoff hopes alive in the Scottdale Dynasty League on @MyFantasyLeague. #FantasyFootball

Wore 61 for Cobblepot this year in honor of my pap. Back to 65 for the 2023 campaign & beyond. #CobblepotPenguins

@FaceofKttc I agree. I think for Vegas these are 😎

@JoshKing65 Ironically. Canucks reverse retros are better.

Black Friday deals going on right now at @lids in Greensburg. Scooped some great @Raiders gear with customization. #RaiderNation

God was good to the Pittsburgh Raiders, Lord Farquaad, Hollywood Acid, Beverly Hills Eagles, & Arizona Desert Rats last weekend. Let’s do it again this week on @MyFantasyLeague #NFL…

@n_burk18 @DaveKluge @RBoss37 @worstevaunc @WZKTTC @theLateBluhmer Saviors have me truly worried. We debated on starting Boyd or Shultz all day. We actually put Shultz in but changed it after St. Brown had a good game. Didn’t want to jinx it. Could make the difference.