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@moonxviii_ I started doing them! I absolutely love it for something to focus on to do with my hands..I have a really hard time sitting still and doing nothing so these are great for it. Plus I've always loved miniatures.

@CasterChaz literally. that is a disorder.

@2inTheShinx What in the ever loving fuck. 🤢🤢 He should get help for that

@vhscleaner You don't need to have children to have an old white man break into your house.

@GlizzyGaymer @hotdogcouch I dunno, I think it's funny to see every gay person just have Spotify say f*ggot to them.

@CasterChaz I love Sylvan Esso so much! One of my first artists I found when I started exploring away from top 40 🥰…

@Panndash I wish I was that beefy. But I mean some parts are accurate 😂.

Add me on instagram: chazychaz87. I know I don't have many muts on here but in case twitter disappears I'll be there.

Gym peeps. I am developing tendonitis in my right elbow. What's the best way to be able to continue working out while being able to let my elbow recover?

@2inTheShinx All I could think while looking at this picture was "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEE" I haven't watched wrestling since I was a kid so I don't know if royal rumbles are still a think. I think since Stone Cold was still in it.

@WellFed_ Yeah. The thing is I've never gotten that far so I don't want to start at an advanced tech or else I'll be lost.

@WellFed_ And I've never been able to find anyone to play with haha

@danedcreative Being open up front is important no matter what it is. You wouldn't want to build a relationship with someone you can't be 100% open and honest with regardless of what It may be that irks someone. You did the right thing.

In case twitter shits the bed. Add me on snapchat since I likely won't add any new social media to my repertoire.…

@tylerv_anderson @Ticketmaster I've gotten a presale code before and still been unable to get a ticket before scalpers get to them. @Ticketmaster is the biggest joke I've ever seen for a company.

The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself was pure perfection. Appreciate many things about the show including blurring the lines about sexual identity, great special effects and great story telling.

@kornbreadTMFS @Bhytes1 @alsoabouteve But can I change my name to el*n m*sk and pay $8 to get verified with that name?

@CasterChaz So if hiking...or rock climbing, etc motivates you to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle. A-fucking-men

@CasterChaz Absolutely! The quicker you start, the easier it is to keep up those habits and invest in your body long term. I tell people all the time that fitness is more than going to the gym 5 days a week, it looks different to everyone.

@WillPow3red I don't think I'd ever be dedicated enough to body build competitively. You have the motivation, the drive, and unfortunately building it back sucks as you get older. I'm almost 36 and I want to keep going as hard as I can so I can try and keep it as I age.

@CasterChaz Understanding where you are now from where you were, is so vital to self love, I'm really trying to be thankful for my determination and consistency.

@CasterChaz I've been a PT for about 7 years now, my fitness journey started about 10 years ago. Lockdown had me gain 30lbs, I lost most of it and now I'm sitting a lot more comfortably and am priming to do a bodybuilding competition soon---

@WillPow3red I'm in the same boat I gained a bunch of weight during lockdown and have been really hard on myself trying to get back in a position to feel good about my body. You got this!

Apparently if I'm just a complete twat on this app I will get followers then I can be an ✨✨✨influencer✨✨✨ and make money somehow by just saying dumb things.

@aarongspot27 It's a Halloween event item. The serum. Survivors can use it too during the Halloween event.

@CorvusCorax77 Unfortunately this is still in the rules: "We still don’t allow... and visual depictions of sexually explicit acts remain off-limits on Tumblr" So still no porn.

What is the new social media platform I need to move to so I can learn it now instead of at the end of its life? ☠️