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@bkubera @megynkelly Heads-up BucKy: After NBC ran her off, she did not go back to Fox. And with that, thanks for playing… you’re dismissed.

@ni_bucky @ZarakiYT Ben le comme toi veux dire lui ducoup c'est juste que ta mal formulé mais la manière dont tu la dis fait pensé l'inverse

@BuckyHenrysLove 《《 then looks around as he rubs his chin in thought. "Hmm. I think the Great Room in front of the large fireplace would be perfect." He orders that the royal chairs be brought in for him a Bucky. Becca would stand between them and one of them would hold little Ben.

@BuckyHenrysLove 《《 taken the initiative to have the artist come to the palace that day. Hal made sure that he and Bucky were dressed in royal garments, and had a special little suit for Ben. Becca had on a gown that matched the royal blue of their suits. Hal smiles at Bucky, 》》

@BuckyHenrysLove Hal knew that it was important for them to capture their image with little Ben, and Becca I'm a painting. He had been so very busy with the holidays and other business however, that he hadn't the time to call on the court artist. He was thankful that Bucky had 》》

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#午後のティータイム音楽 Michael Franks – Underneath The Apple Tree Bass – Ron Carter Drums – Ben Riley Guitar – Bucky Pizzarelli Piano – Kenny Barron Flute [Solo] – David Liebman Flute & Saxophone [Solo] – George Young Horns – Lou Marini, Tom Malone…

@PlaceYourTrades @chigrl Beautiful presentation Chi! You put so much work into making your reports easy to absorb. Thank you!

@Resist_05 Corporate America has always sucked. Just sucking more and more. Avoid it.

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@FinchelftJendal 100 Ben Caroline Jughead Margaret Sarah Tyker 50 Alex Bucky Emma Lou Sombrerero Victor 25 Ares aElle Jane Paul Sandra Tanya

ben barnes 🤝 bucky barnes me getting their names confused constantly