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@TPostMillennial #JohnKerry pumps meat substitutes : "This alt-meat startup just raised $80 million from investors including Bill Gates' and Al Gore's funds to develop its 'super protein' that's neither animal nor plant"…

@iluminatibot Did anyone see that documentary “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” where Julianne Moore played Bill Gates?

@Binha_Bahia Qm vendeu chavez por 18 MILHOES devia ser considerado o proximo bill gates

@MichelJeanDomi1 Comme aux pays bas et bientôt en France !!! Ils veulent nous faire manger de la viande synthétique financée par bill Gates !! Le criminel contre l’humanité aux vaccins !! (Cf Inde et Afrique).

Comme aux pays bas et bientôt en France !!! Ils veulent nous faire manger de la viande synthétique financée par bill Gates !! Le criminel contre l’humanité aux vaccins !! (Cf Inde et Afrique).…

@lorijohnsangel And John Kerry and Bill Gates are calling for farmers to quit growing food because of the climate. ffs

@JackArnett11 This chowderhead is saying eliminate agriculture. Simultaneously his Goombas are destroying food production facilities and telling us to eat bugs. On top of that you’ve got Bill Gates and his crowd wanting to reduce the world human population by at least 15% by way of “vaccines”.

@itsmeSZ Oh wacht, Bill Gates zit er niet voor niks naast. Het balletje is weer rond.

@POTUS While your at talk to automobile manufacturers and Tabacco companies. And bill gates your friend

@dc_Draino @dc By order of who? You know who . Why Did Trump classifi Kushner meetings with CCP Red China? Why was Bill Gates at the Trump White House? Why was George Soros? Trump approved over Trillion dollars spending for the Vaxxx. He supported Fauci 's decisions

@ShannonSeban @Festival_Cannes C'est comme si l'OMS ne suivait pas les directives de Bill Gates. Honteux !

Created and edited by its members, it initiated the idea of the personal computer, and helped its members build the original kit computers, like the Altair. One such influential event was the publication of Bill Gates's "Open Letter to Hobbyists", which lambasted the early

I'm calling on @JohnKerry and @BillGates to climb down off their high horses and STFU! Ignorance at it's best!…

@leyawn We've always been able to have this, it's just called two improv actors pretending to be Bill Gates and Socrates.

@backtolife_2023 John Kerry has Nazi branches in his family tree like bill gates and Claus Schwab

@dystoman Bill Gates le satanique pour vendre sa marde

My favourite podcast is AI Bill Gates explaining common contemporary concepts while Socrates occasionally interrupts with "wow" or a zinger…

💥 La colaboración que salvó a Apple: la lección de Steve Jobs y Bill Gates…

If Bill Gates had a dime for every time Windows crashed ... Oh wait, he does. #programming #programmingjoke #programminghumor #Python #Javascript #Java

@WallStreetSilv Bill Gates isn’t our enemy. He is a God. Bow to him citizen!

@_Mama_Mia10 Trump has embedded personality flaws that forever impede his critical thinking skills, foremost is his massive ego. Trump was the President with the highest authority. RFK Jr. warned him of vaccine safety, but he chose Bill Gates’ guidance, instead. The carrot was “hero worship.”

Socrates reaching his final form as a guy very interested in what Bill Gates has to say.…

@Thomas_Binder @BillGates It's also same science laboratory where scientists first cloned 'Dolly the sheep'👍…

Remember when #BillGates said : plant based &/or lab grown “”meats”” should be mandated by governments……

@JOHNJOHNSTONED Covid is a flood not a fire as bill gates says, and some of us are good swimmers, we don’t drown others, learn to swim or stay on fry land high and dry land

@getagitated1 @ryanfisher122 @NBCNews I could dive into that angle and state how many who aren't even religious or drag queens are deeply involved in pedophillia. It's been spun as such to gaslight people into thinking it's some conspiracy. Bill Gates is one. But I am not using it if you understand my point?

@atlhp @BabianMcgee @phxrrs1 @KariLake @AbrahamHamadeh STUPID MEMES FOR 2023 is more like it. You brushed ur teeth, ate lunch & took meds APPROVED BY THE FDA today. U also probably used MS Windows...created by Bill Gates. You're just another wacky CONSPIRACY THEORIST....except you're from India 🤣🇺🇸🇮🇳

🔥 Los Empleos en la Mira de ChatGPT y la Inteligencia Artificial: La Visión de Bill Gates…

@WallStreetSilv I don’t think Biden thinks Bill Gates as an enemy.

@backtolife_2023 So this means Bill Gates will donate all his organic farm land right? Since bugs and synthetic meat are so good and everyone should have it?

@Sarah_RJarvis I expect Bill Gates is busy buying out all psychic mediums as we type! 🤦🏼‍♀️🤪🤬