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@DatDudeEDub @BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger 😄, they ranked the offense #10. We might not win but SD usually plays better as the underdog. 10. Padres MLB ranks: 13th in wRC+ (102), 14th in runs (691), 15th in wOBA (.308) and OPS (.699)

@AbigigailSD @BenAndWoods @padrestweetup Dropping the kids at school then heading over! Can’t wait!

@BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger Whoever made this is gonna need to start looking for a new job in a few weeks.

@BenAndWoods Can you call my boss for me tomorrow and get me out of work?

@BenAndWoods Colombia loves our boys Alfaro and Chrismatt. We make empanadas when shit is going down. Tonight my mom made .. Em"Padre"nadas we sent to Jorge to pump him up. Any good Colombian beast will kill for home made empanadas

I'm 97.3% gonna go grab a cup of coffee at @AleSmithBrewing tomorrow morning 6/7am to hang with the wonderful @BenAndWoods crew and listen to them in person for a bit before my kids wake up. I know they gonna be caffeined up and ready to go for the big game!! #LFGSD!!!!

From the bits and pieces I've seen, this @NFL TNF game tonight is ass. @thestevenwoods please threaten to yell "bukkake" on air if @BenHigginsSD dares to utter a word about it on the @BenAndWoods show tomorrow. It's all Padres hype tomorrow!! #LFGSD Go Padres 🤘🏾🤘⚾

@BenAndWoods @AleSmithBrewing @tonygwynnjr @Padres @619sports @973TheFanSD Let’s freaking gooooo!! Was gonna call in and fly out but I have no days left 😂😂

@BenAndWoods @AleSmithBrewing @tonygwynnjr @Padres @619sports @973TheFanSD We're gonna get Ben to commit to dining at the Fancy Dog Restaurant, right??? 😉

Who is going to AleSmith tomorrow morning for the live @BenAndWoods broadcast? I don’t want to be the awkward person in the corner. #padrestwitter @padrestweetup

@thestevenwoods @BenAndWoods @NFL It’s week 5 and I agree with steady decline but a rapidly steady decline. This league has so much parity it’s become an obsolete game to watch. I am by no means an NBA fan but bring it on over this 6-6 crap on prime time

FYI @thestevenwoods. Clev cleared. Can’t remember if anyone else was there with you for the @BenAndWoods interview…

@IShootFire @BenAndWoods @NFL I was pretty hyped on it week one but man it’s been a steady decline

@thestevenwoods @BenAndWoods @NFL The NFL has become so unwatchable. Why is there no baseball or NBA preseason on or cornhole for that god dam matter. Horrible TV

@BenAndWoods @AleSmithBrewing @tonygwynnjr @Padres @619sports @973TheFanSD Dear Ben Woods, Thank you for hosting such a great event. Among the "food" options, will there be any bananas? I'll take your response of the air. Thank you kindly.

We’ll see you tomorrow morning, @AleSmithBrewing! Our man @tonygwynnjr will check in from NYC at 6:35am, @Padres AJ Preller joins at 7:35am for The Management Report, and @619sports will be with us live in the 8am hour! We start at 6am on @973TheFanSD! 🤎💛

@AlexHar94848105 @BenAndWoods I think that place is going to be too small. I’m also trying to find a place with the sound on and loud Padre fans.

#padres fans, looking for good watch parties for these games. Bars that will play the audio feed loud and not flip TVs over to football instead of baseball playoffs 🙏 I know @BenAndWoods will be at Alesmith, and Fairplay in North Park will be partying, where else??

@FrostyDFS @trojandude12 @BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger It’s all about how hot or cold a team is going into or during the playoffs. The overall season ERA though is usually a pretty good indicator of how good a team is at pitching. Hence why the higher ERA teams are wild cards. There’s a reason why the Phillies are last WC + worst ERA

@BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger Whoever made this list is probably the same people that have Austin TX as the best city for tacos.

@Jhausen28 @trojandude12 @BenAndWoods @FogRuben57 @snellzilla4 @itsFatherJoe44 @faridyu @MikeClevinger Imagine thinking a team ERA for the full year is the most important stat to determine how good a playoff pitching core can be … it’s 2022 man not 1969😂

.@PadresRadio Pregame Show will begin at 4:07 PM PT tomorrow on @973TheFanSD. First pitch at 5:07 PM for Game 1 of the Wild Card Series in New York. I'll be with you for a full Postgame Show, and then flip things over to @BenAndWoods for the rest of the night.