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@BarackObama @POTUS Let's remember the steel companies that the unions destroyed. Plants became old and in need of updating. But wages killed any improvements that needed done & we lost the steel market to foreign companies. Public transportation. They had to get rid of routes as wages became crazy

@BarackObama @POTUS Barack, the USA isn't even sure if you're a man or not. We know you served illegally because you have no birth certificate to prove otherwise. You got away with it. So why not just go away like Jimmy Carter did?!? We don't respect you or your "Give America Away" agenda.Go away.

@SherryP70005680 @FreyjaTarte @BarackObama @POTUS There has to be a compromise between letting corporations treat workers badly, and letting bad workers stay hired.

@Jordanretro0023 @mrjulot @elonmusk @MandoTheRealOne @BarackObama Oui forcément… Tu es fan de Xbox (aucun jugement hein). Mais tu connais donc son amour pour le blocage, le combo “screen + insulte” pour humilier sans avoir un droit de réponse de la personne en screen ect. Mando est une personne toxique, je le pense sincèrement.

@BarackObama @POTUS Oh yeah they are all for American workers! That’s why they keep shutting down factories and companies across this country and handing it over to China or any other country! Democrats don’t care!!!!

@DrLoupis Shills. @BarackObama is Joining @tkelce and getting that bag. Pathetic

@BarackObama @POTUS DISGRACEFUL that a sitting president felt it was okay to get involved and actually take sides in this matter ….😵‍💫🥴

@Michael73561485 @Out5p0ken @BarackObama @POTUS Yes and the working person is worse off now than in 2019.

@BarackObama @POTUS Way to spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars in a big jet to fly to MIchigan to “speak” 87 seconds about yourself.. to the automotive industry the dems are killing… #trump 2024

@FreyjaTarte @BarackObama @POTUS There are very few fair and decent corporations anymore. They do not treat workers well. They only care about rewarding top level management and CEOs.

@BarackObama @POTUS Yes, destroy the US Auto Industry completely! China will pick up the slack.

@BarackObama @POTUS The union got a fair offer from the Auto industry instead they rather strike and destroy their future just like the union workers lost their jobs at yellow freight....

@BarackObama @POTUS Supports unions, that line his pockets… this is just a political stunt…stinks…cringe worthy

@BarackObama @POTUS No more opposites. No more backwards. No more lies. No more.

@TijuanaTwoStep @transkittyalice @FreyjaTarte @BarackObama @POTUS They really can’t seem to understand that the union is just another money making organization. Much like the corporations they think are so bad. It’s like they think all “bad” people run businesses and all “good” people run unions or are in big government. Really weird.

@danacappellett1 @GenFlynn @mirandadevine @BarackObama Your correct it is. Washington needs a good pressure washing! Clean it deep🇺🇸

@GOPoversight @RepRaskin is bluffing..! Dismantle his pathetic rhetoric and proceed in impeaching @POTUS and subpoena @BarackObama and @HillaryClinton

TIL there is a candidate named "Barack Obama Mandela" who is running for Senate in California as a Republican and is currently polling at 3 percent.

@BarackObama @POTUS Why not stand up for Boarder Patrol Agents? They are union.

@BarackObama @POTUS You are both a disgrace to this country! Barry, you are the reason for the division in our country!!! Joe and the Hoe are just following your lead to destroy our country! GTH!! #ImpeachBidenNOW

@BarackObama @POTUS POTUS doesn't even know ow what day it is fgs

@BarackObama @POTUS Is he gonna squash this strike like he did with the Railroad?? 🤣

@BarackObama @POTUS “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up”

@Siliku5_Gaming @brill_leah @BeckyJohnson222 @BarackObama @POTUS He negotiated for the sick time they wanted in the meantime and the railroad workers got it.

@LancePoplin @stonewall1987 @PinkhairHentai @FreyjaTarte @BarackObama @POTUS You say you think for yourself, funny way to say you don't understand. All companies are driven by the profit motive, and public companies have a legal obligation to increase shareholder value. If it is you vs company profit, your ass is gone.