Brazilian news published more footage of George Santos in drag as Kitara Ravache.

@patriottakes Nothing wrong with doing drag. Mr. Santos was a very young man manipulated by grown people around him. He is now a CHANGED man who is very serious into politics and just wants to serve the USA 🇺🇸

@patriottakes Don't have a problem with Drag or Gay one love. I have a problem with the lies.

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@patriottakes @MeidasTouch Oh nooo Now we know he has NO RHYTHM and can’t dance either!

@DeniseB75099278 @patriottakes For @Santos4Congress to say he only dressed in drag for fun, to me, is a disservice to people that have been persecuted for decades for just be themselves. He’s a liar to keep his job & for that, there is no excuse. I love the bravery of our @lgbtqnation community! We love you❤️

@PolitIsles @patriottakes I saw this. I was thinking this is the most authentic and happy we’ve seen him.