KatyCats, get ready to own a piece of my history! 👗💃🏼 FINALLY the Nostalgia Store powered by @Theta_Network is coming Friday 3/24, featuring REAL stage-worn cutie costumes & props from some of my past performances! 😍🙌🏼 A thread of some of the lewks here 🧵:

@katyperry @Theta_Network Me pressing on the images and clicking “save photo” to get my copy 🙈

@katyperry @Theta_Network Katy, from this thread, your fans want your music, so how about offering unreleased music via NFT's? How about meet and greets after your shows? How about tickets to your shows? How about an NFT they can redeem for your new album, with extra features?

@katycatjansy @katyperry @Theta_Network If I right click and save your profile, can I post as you? Please search up "how smart contracts work" and you can learn!

Unlocking a New Connection: Share Katy Perry's Exciting Journey in the World of Theta Network Hey there, dedicated Katy Perry #fans! Imagine having the exclusive privilege of accessing music from your favorite pop icon that others can't get their hands on. We've got some… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…