I’ve been going through lots of anxeity/Panic attacks the last few hours I would love just healing from all of you using the hashtag #StayStrongJustin I want millions of healings retweet

#idol is celebrating its 21st bday this year. When I turned 21 I rented a roller skating rink 🛼 and had McDonald’s 🫶🏼 “cater” along w/ 2 kegs in the middle of the rink… and two friends broke bones but we had a lot of fun (so I was told idk I had just turned 21 🤸🏻‍♀️🍹)

anyway watch #idol rn and let me know what YOU did for your 21st (that you can remember) ⬇️

@katyperry thats awesome :) hey katy can u please show me some love been going through anxiety panic attacks can u please show me some love it mean a lot to me twitter.com/syndrome22q1/s… ive been listening to ur music since i was a kid!!!!!!

@katyperry slay queen! Now you’re performing for the corporate billionaire CEOs like McDonald’s!