Katy Perry to gun violence survivor on American Idol: “Our country has fucking failed us.”

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@katyperry hey katy can u check out my cover song let me know if u love it

@katyperry Thank you!!! You spoke for all of us!

@katyperry Love @katyperry ! ❤️🎤🙆🏻‍♀️ & Love that she’s using her platform to raise awareness.. (@katyperryforum @katyperryTours )

@katyperry Truly heartbreaking. I won’t bother to reading other peoples negative comments fighting, blaming etc. We can all agree no child should live in fear of a school shooter, have to suffer this pain and lose thier lives. We need to do better and change the culture of violence.

@katyperry Thank you Katy Perry. My daughter Jaime was one of the children killed in the Parkland school shooting. I have dedicated my life to reducing gun violence since. I cried with you when you spoke.