long time coming and excited to finally announce cnn.com/2022/12/01/ent…

@justinbieber Justin 😁 OMG welcome on Twitter again I'm super happy now ✌️❤️

@justinbieber thanks for existing - and congrats for the initiative. as you always said, “help change the world”. we love u so much 🫶🏼

@justinbieber hey justin check out my new cover song let me know what u thing

@justinbieber Asking on behalf of a friend. She is your one of the biggest fans. Wishing you belated Happy Birthday from her side and me too. Could you please acknowledge and reply us. It will surely made her day and forever life memory that you replied. Her name is Imnanaro Pongen (Nana) :)

@justinbieber Still a fan is waiting for your acknowledgement Justin. Sir please even a little gesture can make someone's day. Time to Nana's day :)