@justinbieber @drewhouse Hiiii, follow me? @justinbieber ive been here since forever 🥺🤍

@justinbieber @drewhouse Hiiii, follow me, @justinbieber? I’ve been here since forever! 🥺♥️

@justinbieber @drewhouse Hi! 💛 I love you @justinbieber, hope you like my pic :) I’ve been your fan since forever.

@justinbieber @drewhouse I'll see you in 2023 Justin ! For your Justice world tour ✨🤩 Thank you 🔥🤍

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@justinbieber @drewhouse This project has the potential to be a second #SHIB, it's so fascinating, please take a look! #GCAKE twitter.com/hermit_boy11/s…