- Most homeless Americans have a job… often more than one. - 1 in 6 homeless Americans is a child. -30% of Americans in homeless shelters are families with children.

@BOMBAS has reached 100 million items donated to people experiencing homelessness, but it doesn't stop here. We need to keep talking about homelessness differently and create more understanding for people in need. BEEBETTER.COM

@jtimberlake @BOMBAS I was homeless for over 15 years. I changed my life A April 1st 2022 shortly after the suicide of my fiance Travis said about who took his life February 25th 2022 I reached out to the programs in my community and my life hasn't been the same since

@jtimberlake @BOMBAS Scroll an inch or two to "Secrets of the UN"stopworldcontrol.com/unevent/ Share and share and share. These are the people causing homelessness. And that's the least of their sins.

@jtimberlake @BOMBAS Thank you @jtimberlake 🥰 it is xtremely upsetting.. meeting many, seeing others, and knowing there exists MANY MORE is very frustrating.. tuese are OUR people.. WE Americans DESERVE much much better for EVERYONE. It is possible when we see #AllLivesMatter yes #BlackLivesMatter