- Most homeless Americans have a job… often more than one. - 1 in 6 homeless Americans is a child. -30% of Americans in homeless shelters are families with children.

@BOMBAS has reached 100 million items donated to people experiencing homelessness, but it doesn't stop here. We need to keep talking about homelessness differently and create more understanding for people in need. BEEBETTER.COM

@jtimberlake Thank you for sharing this Justin. I was coincidentally just talking about this same subject with someone, I was explaining that not all homeless people are drug addicts, & that there are multiple reasons for homelessness. It's truly sad, and we need more resources to help!

@jtimberlake Bless you & Thank you for using your platform for this as there are so many Veterans, elderly, & families that unfortunately experience homelessness due to the cost of living, medical expenses etc.

@jtimberlake I was homeless all of my teenage years

@jtimberlake That’s why I don’t care about love I care about career and money and no man comes near me without paying

@jtimberlake I am thankful to have a job... and a home.

@jtimberlake Justin. Im tired n hurt that I haven't made it yet I'll be 49 tomorrow my Lov for musiic is about to leave me forever. I have all this talent but yet not been heard I write produce these jamming songs write them people say Man u are super talented but Fucc no deal no radio play.