#RalphYarl accidentally rang the door of the wrong house while trying to pick up his siblings. For this, a man shot him in the head. Then shot him a 2nd time as he was on the ground. The man is free and the 16-year-old is fighting for his life in the hospital. This can’t be it.

Share this story in support of #RalphYarl and his family — and contact Prosecutor Zachary Thompson and demand an immediate arrest and bring the appropriate charges: James S. Rooney Justice Center 11 South Water Street Liberty, Missouri 64068 816-736-8300 [email protected]

@jtimberlake So sad. I will check out the gofundme today. This hurts my heart to read.

'NO REASON': Woman fatally shot by homeowner after car pulled into wrong driveway fxn.ws/3mHY5Vk

@jtimberlake Trust me, your going to find out that is not it. There will be more to this story. You will eat your words. Stay tuned.

@rlpage_insp @jtimberlake This don’t count she is white. The race baiting in this country has gotten ridiculous.