@JustinThomas34 clipped me today so I guess I’ll wear it the rest of the week. @AaronFlener

Huge putt on the last to clip @JT_ThePostman by 1 today. Gives me full “JT” bragging rights for tomorrow twitter.com/JT_ThePostman/…

@jtimberlake @JustinThomas34 @JT_ThePostman Whoa whoa whoa this guys got everything, he can’t have “JT” too? Respect to all the JTS!!

@jtimberlake @JT_ThePostman Cmon man…can’t you just let us have one week!!! 😂

@jtimberlake @JustinThomas34 @JT_ThePostman Yo mate, you need to come out to the WMO and do that Pro-Am one year it’s special and you’d be a big hit

@jtimberlake @JustinThomas34 @JT_ThePostman Wish I was cool enough to hang. Would be a hell of 4 some 🤷‍♂️ 😂