I’m heartbroken and angry to see another family, another community hurting due to police brutality. I stand with my hometown and the people of Memphis as we demand justice and accountability. #JusticeforTyreNichols

@jtimberlake It's an unfortunate incident but I still stand behind the men and women who wear blue, there are more amazing stories of the good that they do, on a daily bases that never get attention.

@jtimberlake For the question “why was he running?” Here in Massachusetts the supreme court made a statement that running is a reasonable reaction for Black people given the history of racial Profiling and harassment from police.

@jtimberlake Way to go Justin ......."we demand justice and accountability" uh huh. isnt that is what happening ? Isn't the police chief of Memphis COMPLETELY transparent? These guys are going to prison - maybe you should try uniting rather than dividing. Praying for his family.

@jtimberlake Thank you @jtimberlake for joining the good fight for justice. ✊🏾

@AttorneyCrump @jtimberlake This is my hometown also ! The people of memphis are also joining the good fight for Justice not just celebrities. Please keep that in mind as we are no longer safe from those that are to protect and serve!

@ScottloSACCO @jtimberlake It does NOT MATTER WHY HE RAN!!🦍🦍🦅🕊️😡😡

@jLovett631 @jtimberlake But the good does not make up for the death of a person you need to re-evaluate your thinking.🦾🦾🦍🦍🦅🕊️✌️

@PaulJWilliams23 @jtimberlake It’s a reasonable reaction for anyone, it’s not just African American it’s whites , native Americans, anyone who crosses their boundaries .🦍🦍🦅🕊️✌️