It’s heartbreaking to hear that someone who brought so much joy to a room, was hurting so much behind closed doors. I’ve known Twitch for over 20 years through the dance community - he always lit everything up. You just never know what someone is really going through.

Take care of yourselves. LOVE that human in the mirror. Check on your people. Sending light to his beautiful family in this dark, confusing time.  You will be missed, Sir. Rest Easy.  🙏🏻

@jtimberlake Sorry to hear about that painful loss Justin. Stay blessed

@jtimberlake Man, another person lost to suicide. I've noticed that's been happening a lot lately. Twitch had everything. Friends, family, a wife and kids. A great job which he loved doing. What the hell happened? Why did he took his own life? Twitch had plenty more years ahead of him.

@jtimberlake Depression is literally your Brain trying to kill you off. Even the strongest person has a hard time dealing with this sickness that isn’t even taken seriously.

@jtimberlake I'm saying this in general. We all have to work on our values ​​and good sides. Saying a kind word to someone can mean everything to them. We never know what is behind someone's door, sometimes not even what is behind ours, but we can try to be good to ourselves, to others.. ❤

@jtimberlake Recently lost my son, he fought demons for yrs....they won.

@jtimberlake Everyone who knew him 'is shocked' -- people who are suicidal (I was one) -- if you look, our pain is in our eyes. It's like we can't see each other's darkness. I strongly believe it's 'cause we don't see it in ourselves. We all have it. We simply need to look closer.

@jtimberlake Recently I connected with this “don’t seek to eliminate depression, instead focus on managing your emotions”