@jimmyfallon @FallonTonight You have anything to say about this @jtimberlake?

Guys… we all know the title still belongs to the legend @JamesTaylor_com but I claim next in line. And THEN, you can be after that I guess @JustinThomas34 twitter.com/JustinThomas34…

@jtimberlake @JamesTaylor_com @JustinThomas34 The only Thomas combine with 34 I recognize is @thurmanthomas But can he sing is the question

@jtimberlake @JamesTaylor_com @JustinThomas34 ur the only one who wrote the legendary FutureSex/LoveSounds!

@jtimberlake @JamesTaylor_com Why I wish I could rebuttal, I have absolutely zero argument on this order. I’ll take what I can get!! 😂