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Tava pra escutar esse álbum da lorde faz tempos, mas nunca estava na vibe, aí agr essa hora eu passando mal peguei pra escutar e tô amando

Me salió un recuerdo en IG de hace 4 años y se sintió horrible el que haya sido hace 4 AÑOS ptm, como diría Lorde “It feels so scary getting old”

engraçado que eu realmente sou o gwyn lorde das cinzas

@lorde_lia_stan thx i meant i loved it tho deathrow bby is my fave 🧘‍♀️

picked a random album to listen to while walking (it was pure heroine) only to open tiktok to something lorde related (havent had one appear on my fyp in months) hmmm

@LondonRainz I see what you’re getting at but I’d say Halsey before I say Lorde.

@kp_official_1 Is it me or am I picking up some Lorde in here? Not very vocal per but her musical point of view.

Poppy, Jupiluxe, vicious vampira, skynd, ic3peak, Dana dentata, p!nk, lorde, girl in red, wenszy, siiickbrain, patsy cline, ppcocaine, and Harper…

yo solo tengo mi 4ta botella de vino en lo que va de estas dos semanas lorde y un sueño

Could you imagine tomorrow Lorde tweets out this picture and captioned it: “2” I would fucking lose it

Nicki fr. Lorde? Nunca lo habría esperado 🤯

ok yo amo el cereal pero el de reese's ooh sweet lorde lo amo con el alma

pure heroine by lorde playing in my headphones (my favorite album ever)

@TheMuppetPastor @jesus_lorde We are? I missed that memo. Sorry. I'll check my email again.

@lorde_lia_stan even that much is so impressive like go u, it inspires me to work harder on my language skills 🐈‍⬛

yayaya im lorde yayayaya

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