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@Softykjr Could be a very good day. Penix maybe wins the Heisman and I'm calling my shot that the Dawgs beat the Zags in hoops.

@punkieb31 Zags are a great program. But he’s now being featured at Wake and thriving! Some situations happen for the right reasons. Go Deacs! 🎩

Cuse -1.5 Butler -9.5 Purdue -6.5 Wisconsin +9.5 Arkansas +4.5 Cinci -1.5 Utah +3.5 Nova -3.5 Seton Hall -3.5 Zags -4.5 YTD: 12-14-1 -4.3 U

It’s a double gameday Gonzaga women’s basketball vs Rice Gonzaga vs Other teams in men’s basketball Lets go Zags!

the biggest lesson from this solana airdrop szn is learning to look in the places others are too lazy to explore zig when everyone else zags don't fade solana but think to yourself where are people not looking right now? a few examples come to mind ↓ celestia airdrops:……

@mattyoumans247 college hoops Saturday:💶💵🏀😀 Oklahoma -4 Zags -3.5 LSU -2.5 Wisconsin +9

@BracketguyDave A lot of good matchups today. Curious to see how Illinois responds on the road at Tennessee after a big win over FAU. Tennessee needs this one. Late night game, Zags at Washington should be interesting. Gonzaga has looked really good at times. Tough road test here.

@courtjesta ted kaczynski audiobook girl vs colt 45 & 2 zig zags guy

@Bobby_Sacre I do hope it's a doosy. Go Zags!

My Hunger Games Test results make me Primrose Everdeen.… via @idr_labs

I’m told I have to monitor the clock better. Sorry team. 2:04 left in the game Dawgs 76 - Zags 80 We’re debating how we want to do free throws.

Timeout called with three minutes to go Dawgs 74 - Zags 78

Hearing “one stop at a time” from the bench Dawgs 69 Zags 75

Anthony and Will both with another three since I tweeted that Dawgs 59 Zags 63 10:00 on the clock

@yishan couple zigs, couple zags, then we send it..

@jkfe758 @Iam_J3 @Jeremy_Jones2 @FE_758 @Zags_in_Japan FF外からリプ失礼します⭐️ 11/11.12の稲枝スポーツセンターでのシーホース三河とFE名古屋の試合の、アウェーベンチ側向かい側の座席写真などをお持ちでしたら、24日参戦で座席について迷っているので、提示していただきたいのですが、フォローしても大丈夫ですか?🥲

nyx (my girl cat) is downstairs with me and zags (my boy cat) is upstairs with justin lmfao we’re having boys night and girls night tonight

@ElKnappitan Hearing reports that Tottenham Hotspurs legend Luka Modric will declare for the Zags and play point guard

@206TruthTeller @MaxBrowne4 Yall celebrating one paltry undefeated regular season like a Super Bowl Meanwhile the Zags havent lost a football game in 80 years

I don’t stop on zig zags. Stopped after. Cab driver behind stopped and picked them up. Ticket is coming your way moron. There is camera on this part of Brompton Road.

Dan Dickau's keys to victory for #Gonzaga vs. #Washington: 'If Gonzaga can dominate the glass, that will be an advantage'…

Talking Zags: Former #Gonzaga star Chet Holmgren is an 'easy pick' to win #NBA Rookie of the Year…

@JMilenbaugh @Doc_Rogno @BobEUnlimited @jonfortt And the idea that 7 stocks somehow catch a magic bid when UST and the Fed balance sheet composition credit zigs or zags is just witch doctoring. The Street read the BTFP as an easing. It was just the opposite.

The former Gonzaga All-American won back-to-back state championships at Kings.…

@LissaTripp1818 @dlynnbergs I have no idea, but I am still trying to get to my first game in the Kennel. Very kind of you to be giving away tickets. Enjoy the game this weekend! Simply for the sake of guessing, I will go with Zags 4 Life. 🤷‍♂️

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