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@denis3152143694 @infrarogue89 Buddy xbox has 4 rpg studios... playststion has 0....

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor for Playstation 5 & XBOX is $39.97 @ Bestbuy (Was $69) PS5 - XBOX - #starwarsJediSurvivor #jedisurvivor #ps5 #Xbox #starwars

スターフィールドを始めて1週間を経過、夫婦でワイワイ遊んでいます 2周目にも活きそうなネタバレなしのメモを少しとっています_φ(・_・🗒💫 見つけた情報等を提供して下さる方々に感謝です🙏 📒 #Starfield #Xbox

بسم الله وعلى بركة الله نبدأ .. قائمة اسعار الكوينز #EAFC24 متوفر لدينا كوينز : Ps4 - Ps5 - Xbox - PC - ضمان 100% من الباند والتصفير💯 - طرق دفع متنوعة - نشحن لك الكمية اللي تبيها بأرخص سعر ✅ للطلب من الواتس ⬇️ او الموقع ⬇️

@J0K3R_GaNg @lionking7001 @CallofDuty Oh ok ..i mean holy s* 242Go is insane the PS5 and PC version the same weight or is that an Xbox thing ?

@SmattPlays @klobrille I think Redfall will have a huge update in the near future. They still haven’t given us those extra characters. Probably waiting to do everything at once. Almost like a soft relaunch of the game.

@Peixe245II Eu já tive Xbox Séries X e vendi pra comprar um PlayStation. Prefiro bem mais, porém, eu consigo jogar todos os jogos do Xbox no PC com uma qualidade maior, então acho que não vale tanto nesse caso kkkkkkkkkkk

@OmoiteS Your tagline, "PlayStation Master Race," doesn't impact your impartiality towards an Xbox exclusive that was lost by PlayStation due to Microsoft's acquisition of ZeniMax? This does not in any way influence your opinion of the game, right???

⚡Max Payne El remake de #MaxPayne 1 y 2 es 'un gran proyecto', asegura Remedy. Esta superproducción unirá los dos primeros juegos con la última tecnología del estudio; tras Alan Wake 2, deberían avanzar más rápidamente. #PlayStation #Xbox #PC #Remedy

نزلت اول حلقاتنا من سلسلة فضفضة قيمر الي نتمنى تنال على إعجابكم، وفي الحلقة الاولى تكلمنا عن اسباب تفوق تسويق سوني على مايكروسوفت. #Storygame #BigTaim #PlayStation #Xbox #جيمرز…

@pedro_pparaujo @purchase_jack @PaulTassi @Forbes Also, the problem is Obsidian is an Xbox company and PlayStation paid for timed exclusivity. I don’t see Xbox game studios getting involved unless that was gone

Crossgen Lara, I’ve never actually played the 360 version as I owned a Xbox One at the time Rise came out. Curious to give it a try though 🤔 #riseofthetombraider

@Gaet__An @GamesForSmile C'est vraiment ce que j'aurai dû faire dès le début oui. Mais le jeu ne t'explique rien de tout ça, ça rejoins le fait que le jeu semble s'adresser qu'à la catégorie de personnes déjà habituées à ce système et ne fait aucun effort pour les nouveaux venants. Là on parle même pas……

XBOXを使い始めて約1ヶ月… 初めてゲーム(StarField)が落ちました😮…2回続けて!気掛かりのまま夜勤…

Ori and the Will of the Wisps ダウンロード版 | My Nintendo Store(マイニンテンドーストア)… XboxかPCじゃないと売ってないと思ってた

@tomwarren When I first saw this a year ago I was excited until I learned you still need to power it. What's the point? If I'm leaving the house for a few hours, I can just play my Xbox using cloud if I really need too. If I'm going on a trip, I'll just pack my series x.

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